Welcome to the positive side of food and energy. Here is the place to explore wholesome foods that provide vital energy to our body and mind. I’m not talking about the energy that revs you up and then dumps you, begging for another hit. But the type of energy that lifts you up and carries you evenly through the day.

Positive pranic food is nourishing, easily digestible, full of flavor, and contains only ingredients beneficial for health. The methods of food preparation, as well as the emotional and mental state of a person making it, holds the same importance as the ingredients. Also referred to as “Yogic diet” or “Sattvic diet”, this is a beautiful way to support your wellbeing and improve your energy levels.

For me, cooking was never a chore, rather an opportunity for a beautiful offering, a creative outlet, an expression of love and appreciation.

Lastly, the essential part of the meal is in the way it is consumed. The way you receive your meal, how conscious you are, the level of your appreciation in a lot of ways will determine the way digestion happens in this miraculous body of yours.

Above all, we should enjoy the food we eat without being paranoid about the calorie count or the number of carbs, fats, or whatever the latest dietary fad is. A healthy relationship with food is essential, so enjoy it fully without hesitation. The harm of stress during eating is far more damaging to your system than any ingredient ever could be.

All of the featured recipes contain only vegetarian positive pranic (life energy igniting) ingredients. (see more on Negative and Positive Pranic food).

Even though all recipes are Vegetarian or Vegan, you don’t have to be one to enjoy them. Just try them. I know you are going to love the taste. But see how your body responds to it, how do you feel after the meal.

Now, bring some magic to your kitchen. Let’s cook some yummy goodness and ignite the energy within!

Healthy vegan and vegetarian meals