The gut brain is often referred to as the second brain. Take a look at the gut brain from a yogic perspective. What is the gut brain, and how does it affect our health, mood, and behavior? In this video, yogic and visionary Sadhguru explains what a gut brain is and why maintaining gut health is essential for physical and emotional well being.

Whether you have heard about the gut brain axis or the gut brain connection, I find the look at the vagus nerve and the gut brain from the yogic perspective very approachable and easy to understand.

Sadhguru gives a stunning insight into the influence that the micro-organisms in your stomach have on your overall physical health, your mood, and even your ability to meditate.  In fact, there are more bacteria and viruses in your stomach than human cells in your body.  From the yogic perspective, it has always been essential to eat the right kind of foods, and Sadhguru points out that this has always been geared towards existing in harmony with the micro-organisms in your stomach.  

He also talks about how it may even be possible that the overwhelming variety of allergies present in society could be caused by the very fact that we have separated our microbiome from their natural world, by living far away from nature and only getting our food from grocery stores rather than directly from their natural sources.

He also offers some solutions in the way of keeping our intestinal world as diverse as possible by doing things like fermenting our own food, such as curd and yogurt.  

In this video, you will find out the steps you can take to strengthen your immune system along with your gut health, and the best way to introduce gut-friendly bacteria (probiotics) to your system.

Here it is, enjoy!

Be Alive 🌱,
❤ Love, Julia

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