As the whole world now is on lockdown, I noticed on social media that a lot of people are feeling confined, cornered, depressed, and even suicidal. Some have lost jobs, companies, and some are under financial distress. I would Iike to let you know that there is a solution out there… At least there was for me.

As I went to the dark corner of my laundry room to dust off the boxes of rubber gloves and facial masks, I had a flashback. 5 years ago my world went on a lockdown as I was undergoing chemotherapy. Because my immune system was completely shut down, social distancing and self-isolation for me became tools of survival. Everyone who entered the house, whether it was a plumber electrician or house help, had to wear masks, rubber gloves, and leave their shoes outside.

It was a very tough time for me, and I can totally relate to those who are depressed, suicidal, and feel like the rug was pulled from under their feet right now.

Solution That Worked For Me

But there are solutions out there, and the best solutions are free and accessible for all. Sometimes we don’t know how to find them. So I’m here to share what pulled me out of this state.

I just started doing this simple, guided practice that is available online, which involved easy breathing techniques followed by a brief meditation. From the first time I did it, I felt relief. I felt I could breathe again. So I continued.

Every day, twice a day I would pull myself out of bed, situate myself under the tree, turn on the phone, and follow the guidance. That’s all it took. I felt better and better every day. I was happier. The fear and emotional pain were dissipating. I was bound to continue.

It’s not just that it brought me relief, I felt like it freed me from fear and anxiety, and opened up a new world of opportunities, and life unveiled in the most beautiful and mysterious ways.

I know it seems too good to be true, but it works. You might have lost a lot and you don’t know what will happen in the future, but you still have your breath, and as long as you have this, you can do this practice. It’s free, and it’s called Isha Kriya. It’s a wonderful tool to have, and it’s yours to use. I’m here to share because it pulled me out. It is a wonderful opportunity, so check the link.

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