Sattvic Farro Risotto with Beets

Sattvic farro risotto with beets

Sattvic Farro risotto with beets. This healthy farro risotto nourishes my body and worms up my soul. This farro risotto is perfect for cozy fall and winter nights. What about you? Did you try this recipe?I love hearing from you. Let me know how it went in the comments below and share a picture of […]

Almond Milk Yogurt + 7 Yogurt Flavoring and Topping Ideas

homemade yogurt

Almond milk yogurt is unreal!! Made with love from home-made almond milk, this thick and creamy goodness bursts with life and flavor and is gentle on your stomach. I love to eat this almond milk yogurt just like that – plain. I have to admit that I have a hard time calling it a “plain” […]

Garlic and Onion Substitute

onion substitute

Years ago, when I realized that consumption of garlic and onion daily is not supportive to my system, I looked closely at why I use garlic and onion in my dishes and the ways I can substitute those substances.  I used to add loads of garlic to my dishes, mainly for flavoring. So the solution […]

Napa Cabbage Salad

Napa cabbage salad

Beautiful, fresh, and crunchy this salad is a perfect compliment to mashed potatoes, turnip, or rutabaga fries. Here is a great recipe for incorporating it as a salad. What about you? I hope you’ll give this salad a try. I love hearing from you. Let me know which salad dressing you paired it with in […]

Rutabaga Fries with Nappa Cabbage

rutabaga fries with Nappa cabbage; no-garlic no-onion recipe

Rutabaga Fries with Nappa cabbage. This easy and quick sattvic rutabaga recipe is the perfect way to substitute potatoes in your diet. This recipe is a simple and delicious no-onion no-garlic way to cook rutabaga. The rutabaga, also known as the Swedish Turnip, is a very healthy addition to your diet. Rutabagas are rich in […]

One Pot Cauliflower Crumble

One-pot cauliflower crumble - delicious sattvic recipe made of only positive pranic ingredients

This Sattvic One-Pot Cauliflower Crumble recipe is frequently requested in my house and is a joy to make. Cauliflower Crumble has so much to offer your tastebuds, from multi-faceted textures to abundant flavors, not to mention a wide variety of health benefits. Cauliflower contains choline, an essential nutrient that not many other vegetables have. Choline […]

Ginger Bok Choy

ginger bok choy - sattvic recipe

This quick and easy Ginger Bok Choy recipe makes a lovely addition to the side dish.I like to use the white parts of the bok choy as an onion substitute in a lot of my dishes.When I do that, I end up with a lot of the greens on the side.And that’s when I like […]

Cabbage Salad

Sattvic cabbage salad

Crunchy and healthful, this Sattvic cabbage salad is quick and easy to make. With its well-rounded taste and crunchy texture, this salad is a perfect companion to warm baked sweet potatoes, veggie burgers, or falafels. Often I like to eat it with chickpeas. For this salad, you can dress it up with olive oil and […]

How To Make a Perfect Tahini and Tahini Salad Dressing

homemade tahini

How To Make Tahini at Home Tahini is one of my pantry essentials. I love it for its taste, versatility, and health benefits. Tahini is made out of 1 ingredient – sesame seeds. Even though there are different tahini choices available on the market today, I like to make Tahini myself because it is an […]

Sattvic Spring Roll

Fresh salad rolls with homemade zesty peanut butter sauce

Fresh spring rolls are the perfect crunchy starter and a fun way to eat your vegetables.Perfectly suited for the sattvic/yogic diet and made only from positive pranic ingredients, they are loved not just by adults, but they make an awesome snack on hot summer days for your kids as well. I love to use whole […]