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Dosa 101 – How to make fermented dosa

These are the three greatest things India offered to the world (in my humble opinion) [...]


After-Meal Digestive Spice Mix

I love this after-meal digestive spice mix and prefer to have it within reach. I [...]

Eating seasonally – Summer edition

I strive to support a state of balance through the year by making a conscious [...]

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Garlic and Onion Substitute

Years ago, when I was preparing for intense Yoga and meditation programs, I had to [...]


Universal Sattvic Spice Mix

I love spices! They add zest, character, and soul to any dish. This is a [...]


How To Make a Mustard – Easy Raw Mustard Recipe

Along with adding flavor and spice to food, mustard is known for its health benefits. [...]

Chia Seeds Benefits – Power of a Mighty Seed

Chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse. They are an abundant source of Omega 3 fatty [...]

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WHY and HOW to SOAK beans, nuts, seeds, legumes, and grains + Phytic acid and soaking time tips

It is not just what we eat that is essential, but what our body is [...]


Pure Heaven Coconut Milk » How to make raw sattvic coconut milk

“MMM, Pure heaven!!!” – That was the first thing that came out of my mouth [...]

Negative and Positive Pranic Food

The Sattvic Diet: A Comprehensive Guide You know, food is such a fascinating, enjoyable, and [...]