Carob – Tahini Overnight Oats

Carob - Tahini overnight oats with roasted bananas, figs and carob chocolate glaze

Carob Tahini overnight oats with basil seeds, figs, and bananas. These overnight oats are so deliciously decadent with a creamy chocolaty taste that it is so easy to mistakenly take this wholesome goodness for dessert. This recipe is as easy as mixing all of the ingredients at night. That’s it. In the morning you can […]

Everlasting Summer Banana Granola

homemade granola

Everlasting Summer Granola with banana, mango, fresh coconut, and cashews.This granola is inspired by everything that’s around me.  I’m so lucky to live in this beautiful, beautiful place.  It’s paradise for me.  It’s endless summer and summer is my favorite season, so this granola is tropical, it’s summery, it’s breeze and ocean, and all tastes […]