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Body Scan Meditation for beginners

Body Scan Meditation for beginners and Intermediates. Practicing this meditation regularly can improve your body [...]

The Raisin Exercise: Mindful Eating Meditation for Beginners

Mindful Eating Meditation is a powerful tool for cultivating awareness and presence in our daily [...]

Loving Kindness Meditation

Loving-kindness meditation is a powerful practice that can help cultivate feelings of love, empathy, compassion, [...]

Focus Attention and Open Awareness

This meditation session focuses on both focused attention and open awareness techniques, making it the [...]

3 Mindful Breaths – Meditation for beginners

If you’re new to meditation, or simply looking for a quick and easy way to [...]

Feel More Connected and Less Alone – Just Like You Meditation

Just Like You. This guided meditation helps us feel more connected and less alone, and [...]

Finding Your Inner Calm: Anxiety Release Meditation | Lake Meditation

Lake Meditation is a guided meditation that will help you get rid of anxiety, stress, [...]

Reframing the Inner Critic 💫 Mindful Eating Practice Guide

This practice is designed to help you develop a mindful eating practice that incorporates techniques [...]

Embracing the Now: Dissolving the Inner Critic

This seemingly simple mindfulness practice can be a game-changer. It’s like a personal off-switch for [...]