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Hi, my name is Julia. This website is a place I’ve created for us to gather, just as friends might around a cozy hearth. As a writer, poet, and mindfulness teacher, I want to share with you not only my craft but my very self—the experiences that shaped me, the wisdom I’ve gleaned, and the passions that inspire me.

Here, you’ll find pieces of my soul in every poem, every line of prose. You’ll find guidance in mindfulness practices that have brought me clarity, and meditations that have provided comfort. If you’re seeking ways to be more present in your daily life, you’ll find tips for mindful living, and even inspiration for conscious eating and cooking.

This space isn’t about me; it’s about us. It’s about a shared exploration of what it means to be human, to experience joy and sorrow, love and loss, growth and reflection. It’s about finding connection, not only with each other but within ourselves.

So please, make yourself at home. Explore, reflect, and let’s learn from one another. Life is a complex and beautiful thing, and I’m glad we can navigate it together.

Julia Delaney - author, poet, and creative force behind Positive Pranic

Behind the Name

Positive Pranic 💫 The Meaning

pos·​i·​tive /ˈpäzədiv/

Definition: not fictitiousREAL: characterized by addition, inclusion, or presence; adjective: expressed clearly, constructive, full of hope and confidence;

pra·na /ˈprāṇa/

prana (प्राण) is the Sanskrit word for the breath of life, life force, vital air, the principle of life, energy (as vigor), the spirit (or soul).

Prana… interesting word, isn’t it? Some think it’s the breath, a fleeting pulse of air, that gives life. Others view it as mystical energy, perhaps even as a mere concept, trapped in ancient texts and spiritual practices. But to me, Prana is something more. I see Prana as the very soul of life, the powerful yet subtle energy that weaves through every living being. It’s not something you can touch or see, yet we all have it because we’re all part of it. Like a river that runs through the landscape of existence, we are its currents and eddies, both shaping it and shaped by it.

Prana is something you feel deep within, a quiet whisper that keeps you going. It’s the gentle tug that calls you to embrace life, the underlying rhythm that beats in unison with your heart. It’s there in the laughter of a friend, in the warmth of a hug, in the soft sigh of the wind through the trees.

And then there’s the idea of being positive. Not in the surface-level way that’s often thrown around, but as a presence, an inclusion. To be positive is to be whole, to accept life with all its complexities, and to stand within it, grounded and genuine. It’s about being with life, not apart from it, seeing not just with your eyes but with your heart.

Now, combine these two: Prana and Positive (as all-inclusive) presence. How powerful and profound that connection can be? It’s about aligning with the life force that binds us all and approaching it with an open heart, a willingness to see and be seen. It’s about living from a place of authenticity, where you’re not just alive but truly living.

And that’s what stands behind the name – Positive Pranic.

So, I let prana be the soul’s song, and the essence of inclusion be the dance that accompanies that melody. It’s a dance of connection, of understanding, of presence. It’s a dance that celebrates life in all its stunning diversity, a dance that honors the soul, a dance that says, “I am here, I am part of this magnificent existence, and I embrace it all”…

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Mindfully Yours: By Your Side In Shared Understanding

Julia Delaney

Hi again, I’m Julia, the creator of Positive Pranic.

With a master’s degree in education and methodology, an MBA in international relations, and IMMA* certifications in mindfulness and meditation, my background might sound extensive, but what’s on paper is only a part of the story.

You see, the power of mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, and self-care became real to me when they helped me navigate emotional and physical challenges, including Lyme disease and cancer. My passion for these practices isn’t just academic; it’s deeply personal.

Mindfulness and meditation aren’t just about feeling better for a moment; they’re tools to help us understand ourselves and the world around us. By cultivating awareness and qualities like kindness, compassion, resilience, and gratitude, we can positively impact our lives, relationships, and overall well-being.

Here I am, sharing what I’ve discovered and lived through, hoping to make you smile or feel better, even if just for a moment. I offer things that touched, uplifted, or healed me personally. Though I have knowledge and degrees, everything I discuss here comes from my own experience.

I see myself more as a guiding friend rather than a traditional instructor. Yes, I’ve traveled the world, sought answers, practiced yoga, and meditated in far-off places, but I’ve come to understand that everything I needed was already within me, just as it’s within you. Your journey to self-discovery might be much shorter than you think.

The wisdom and answers you seek? They’re in there. If anything I say resonates with you, it’s because you recognize it as your truth. Sometimes, a gentle reminder is all we need.

We’re in this together, asking questions, seeking truth, helping each other get free. The best way to learn is to allow it to unfold naturally, letting the practice be the teacher. We can keep seeking, keep uncovering the truth within, moving towards a healthier, happier us.

If crafting the life you want resonates with you, know that it starts with taking care of ourselves. Let’s explore the ways we can receive, give, and live in joy. We can do it together.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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*IMMA – Internationally Accredited by International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance

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