The Tao of Doof: Mastering the Art of Living

Before the sun peeks over the horizon, I’m gently stirred from slumber by a warm, fluffy nudge. It’s my Doof*, his dark eyes twinkling with eagerness, embracing the day ahead. This is our daily ritual – a promise of adventure, love, and unwavering companionship. And boy, does he love his walks!

Bark, Play, Love: Doof’s Secret to Happiness

As we step outside, I can’t help but wonder what’s going on in that little head of his. Ears perking up and nose twitching like crazy, he takes in all scents. It’s like he’s a little explorer, ready to claim the world one fire hydrant at a time. I swear, if he had a tiny fedora and a whip, he’d be just like Indiana Jones on the hunt for buried treasure. But instead of ancient artifacts, Doof’s treasure is the perfect spot to leave his mark.

No matter which path we choose, somehow we inevitably find ourselves at the deep-water canal near our house. It’s as if an invisible force pulls Doof toward it, an irresistible siren call. And who could blame him? In the middle of sweltering Florida heat, that canal must feel like a heavenly oasis, especially with that thick, fluffy coat of his. I bet the cool water must feel like a splash of heaven.

And let me tell you, the moment he spots the canal, it’s game over. Without a moment’s hesitation, he leaps right in, splashing like a furry little torpedo propelled by sheer joy. It’s impossible not to smile watching him go. His excitement is just so infectious, you know?

Watching Doof, I’m struck by the power of embracing life’s simple pleasures. He’s got the right idea – when the daily grind gets too overwhelming, sometimes all you need is a refreshing dip to wash your woes away. It’s like he’s mastered the art of joy: just dive in, embrace the moment, and let the cool waters of contentment carry you.

Yet, on the other hand, it seems that he doesn’t divide life into “simple things” and “grand things”, or “daily grind” and “special moments.” For him, every moment is an opportunity to be fully present, to give his all, whether he’s swimming in the canal or chasing a lizard in the backyard. Doof’s got it figured out: the secret to happiness is to embrace each moment fully, no matter how big or small, mundane or extraordinary.

It’s something I strive to embrace in my own life as well. Instead of seeing my daily tasks as a grind, I try to approach them with the same focus and enthusiasm that Doof brings, turning whatever he does into an adventure. After all, why shouldn’t we find joy and purpose in the everyday? Why can’t we tackle our responsibilities with the same enthusiasm that Doof has when he’s splashing around in the canal?

It’s all about perspective, isn’t it? Doof’s got it right – life’s too short to just go through the motions. Whether you’re diving into a refreshing canal or tackling a challenging project, maybe the key is to be fully engaged to give it your all. Maybe that’s where true fulfillment lies… Maybe…

Doof; The Tao of Doof: Mastering the Art of Living

Sand, Seaweed & Serenity

But Doof’s wisdom extends far beyond the backyard. And nowhere is this more apparent than when we visit the beach. If the canal is Doof’s personal oasis, then the beach is his cosmic playground, a sandy universe ripe for exploration.

The moment his paws hit the sand, it’s like a switch flips inside him. His fluffy tail wagging so fast it’s just a blur. He goes from a curious explorer to an unstoppable force of nature. He’s off like a rocket, leaving a trail of kicked-up sand in his wake as he races towards the shoreline.

The seagulls don’t stand a chance – Doof’s on a mission to chase them all the way to the horizon. But it’s not just about the thrill of the chase. For Doof, every inch of the beach is a treasure trove. He digs holes with the intensity of a pup possessed, as if he’s on a mission to reach the Earth’s molten core. His nose is buried deep in the sand like he’s unearthing the secrets of the universe. And don’t even get me started on the seaweed. To Doofy, each strand is a precious artifact, a trophy to be proudly carried back to shore.

But here’s the thing—Doof’s not just playing. He’s living. He’s embracing every sight, sound, and smell of the beach with a passion and presence that’s impossible to ignore. Watching him is like seeing life unfold—every moment is vibrant, every experience is magnified.

He makes me laugh.. and think… Don’t we all have the capacity to infuse our lives with that same sense of wonder and engagement? Why is it not easy for so many to approach each day like Doof approaches the beach – with boundless enthusiasm, insatiable curiosity, and an unwavering commitment to squeezing every drop of joy out of every moment? After all, that’s what it’s all about – not just going through the motions but truly living… Because it’s not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years…

And here’s another thing about Doofy – he’s not just a master of seizing the day. He’s also a pro at savoring the quiet moments, those precious pockets of stillness that punctuate even the most action-packed outings.

When the frenzy of the beach starts to fade, and the sun begins its lazy descent toward the horizon, Doof seems to instinctively know that it’s time to shift gears. He’ll trot over to where I’m sitting, plop himself down at my feet, and just… be.

His gaze will drift out to the horizon, where the ships paint streaks of white against the endless blue. And in those moments, I can almost feel the depth of his contentment—a soul at peace with the world. I know that this, too, is a form of living fully. Because, to me, it’s about being fully present for all of it – the excitement and the calm, the motion and the stillness. It’s about embracing the entirety of the experience, in all its messy, marvelous glory.

And through it all, there’s one constant that ties everything together – Love. It’s a love that knows no bounds, a connection that transcends the need for words.

Leashes and Life Lessons: Growing Together

Doof’s love is a force of nature. When he leans into me, his whole body is a testament to the bond we share. His warmth seeps into my skin, his heartbeat compliments mine.

When his nose brushes against my cheek, it’s like the world stops. For a moment, there’s nothing else – no worries, no fears, no doubts. Just the soft tickle of his fur and the pure, uncomplicated joy of his presence.

This is love, stripped down to its essence. No words, no explanations, but a connection so deep, so true, that it transcends everything else.

Doof lives this truth every day. Every wag of his tail, every playful bounce, every contented sigh – they’re all expressions of the love that flows through him, wild and free. Watching him, I can’t help but feel it too. The joy, the presence, the utter aliveness of it all. And the thing is, it’s there for all of us. This Love, this vibrant, pulsing connection to life itself. We just have to open ourselves to it, so it can flood through us like sunlight.

Doofy is my constant reminder. In his eyes, I see a reflection of the Love that sustains us, the Love that makes every moment sacred…

So I follow his lead, letting my heart expand and my spirit soar. Because in the end, that’s what it’s all about – living, loving, and embracing the wild, beautiful dance of it all.


‘A Sage Without a Song‘ 

from my AudioBook “Through Grief’s Tender Heart”

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A Sage Without a Song 

Each morning as I stir from dreams, 
the first sight I meet 
is a pair of glossy eyes,
their tenderness so sweet… 
Patiently they watch, 
as night gives way to light, 
and I open my eyes to love’s pure delight.
My groggy grumbles 
met with the softest sigh, 
hugs, snuggles, and kisses, 
are my morning’s high.
His tiny soul, 
bubbling with zeal untold,
each sunrise, 
a new story to be unrolled.
With every ray, his excitement anew, 
a fresh day, a unique joy to pursue.
For him, 
every dawn is a joyous parade, 
as if seeing the morning sun 
for the first time, 
unafraid his spirit soars, 
takes a joyful flight.
In his eyes, 
there’s no mundane, 
all feels bright.
To him, 
each morning is a new birth, 
a chance to spread his joy upon this earth. 
He dwells in the moment’s spree. 
in his gaze, tomorrow doesn’t play, 
and yesterday has no sway.
In the raw freshness of the day, 
he teaches me to embrace life’s play.
He watches the leaf in a dance so free,
an embodiment of just ‘to be’. 
Unfettered by past or future’s trace, 
in the heartbeat of now he finds his place.
He does speak in silence, 
clear and pure, 
life’s deepest wisdom, 
he assures. 
A dialogue deeper than words we convey, 
in the hush of the heart, it finds its way.
In his joy, in his peace, 
I glimpse life’s ceaseless lease. 
A sage he is, without a song 
singing of now, 
where we belong.
When hardship looms, 
he’s by my side, 
no hollow words, 
in silence, we confide. 
He sees no broken, 
he sees no bent, 
in his eyes, 
I’m whole, no need for mend.
In his stillness, a lesson so clear, 
In the ever-passing moment, 
life is here. 
My silent guide, he softly imparts, 
to cradle each moment 
close to my heart.
His world, 
a dance of the present’s song, 
a reminder of where we all truly belong. 
In his glittering eyes, 
the secret’s key, 
to live, to love, to be.

(2022 © Julia Delaney)

Our pets, our silent teachers

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

  • Doof – his official name is Masik, but he also goes by Manipuraka, Mosh-pit, Doofy, Floof, Good Boy

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