Time… it doesn’t tick, it drifts… and here it just flows. What matters to me are the seconds, not the months or years. Because here, there’s enough time for everything. Enough for all my dreams…sized just right to match horizons…

Timeless Shore

Beside the boundless ocean….. 
Time doesn’t tick here, it drifts,
loose and light, like a feather on the breeze.
What grips my heart aren’t the big markers,
the years or the milestones that everyone counts—
No, it’s the seconds that snare me, the fleeting beats
where life’s fully lived.
Here, in this place, time’s a generous flow,
a river that bends and curves, no rush to touch the ocean floor.
There’s room—so much room—for every little dream,
for every whisper of a thought that might grow into more.
Seconds stack up like breaths, easy and unforced,
each one a moment to hold,
not in a hurry, not looking to fill empty spaces
with noise and clutter.
Here, we live in the pauses, in the spaces between,
in moments that stretch just enough to hold our full attention.
And here, I find enough.
Enough time to chase the dreams,
enough to watch them grow, to let them breathe,
enough to live—not just survive.

(2024, © Julia Delaney)

Julia Delaney

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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