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The Healing I Can Hold

Resilience In My Fingertips During those tough times, and even now when the flickers of [...]

How Much Emotional Pain Can We Take? Facing Loss & Heartbreak

When the weight of a broken heart crushes you, leaving you gasping for air… When [...]

Navigating the Depths of Grief and Sorrow

I have no words to soothe your pain. All I can offer is a space [...]

Spiced Cranberry Punch

I love this spiced cranberry punch! I make it for myself throughout the year. During [...]


Hot Apple Cider

This easy and comforting hot apple cider drink is a perfect beverage to enjoy in [...]

Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine

In today’s market, there is a wide variety of alcohol-free wine. You can use one [...]

Mulled Pear Cider

Hot mulled pear cider is a perfect hot drink for cold fall, winter, or spring [...]

About Positive Pranic

Here We Are Prana… interesting word, isn’t it? Some think it’s the breath, a fleeting [...]


Once a Dream was Mine… 🎧

Once a dream was mine, I held it firm in my hand, woven tight with [...]

The Healing Path: Beneath the Surface

Growing Up Herbal I was blessed to be born in a Ukrainian household where herbal [...]