Nut Milk and Plant Based Milk Alternatives

You can milk any nuts, seeds, or grains in minutes.plant-based milk, nut milk, oat milk, almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk

Sattvic Energy Drinks – just the way nature intended

Fresh raw homemade plant-based milk is an immediate live energy source. Packed with nutrients, nut milk, and other plant-based milk varieties, are healthy natural energy drinks.

Sattvic by nature, raw nuts and seeds imbibe in pure water, creating a magical silky and decadent positive pranic milk. Thanks to the high concentration of healthy fats and antioxidants, nut milks may decrease inflammation, maintain stable sugar levels, and support cardiovascular health.

Look Inside a Pretty Nut Milk Carton 

As more and more people are turning to non-dairy milk alternatives (and that is an excellent thing!), countless varieties of nut milk and plant-based milk appear on the shelves. Dressed in pretty cartons or bottled up, they compete for your attention, and the decision-making process can be overwhelming to some. For me, ingredients are always determining factors, and in the case of plant-based milk, fewer is better.

I’ve been searching for good plant-based milk and yogurt for a while now. Being conscious of what goes into my body, I am always diligent about ingredients. Roaming through grocery stores, I left no plant-based milk carton unturned, studying their labels. To say the least, I was disappointed with my findings.

To make plant-based milk more appealing, manufacturers use oils, stabilizers, and thickeners (various gums and starches), acid regulators (calcium bicarbonate, phosphates). To improve the taste, processed sugars and “natural flavorings” are added. (I still can’t figure it out, what is it “natural flavoring“? -so if you know, please educate me on this one, let me know in comments below)

I was able to find only two brands that have nice and clean ingredients; they are Elmhurst Milked and Malk. You can give them a try, but I prefer to make my own plant-based milk.

Why am I making my own nut milk?

  1. It’s delicious, quick, and easy to make.
  2. I know exactly what’s in my milk.
  3. I’m making it with love. 🙂

Making plant-based milk yourself is so easy!

You can milk any nuts, seeds, or grains in minutes. Some preparatory techniques may vary depending on the chosen nut or seed, but the overall process is quite streamlined and easy to follow.

Things you should know before you make your plant-based milk:

  • your nuts/seeds have to be raw;
  • soak your nuts/seeds overnight; hemp seeds and oats are exceptions. (find out more on how to soak nuts and seeds here »  The Benefits of Soaking);
  • the basic proportion of nuts/seeds to water is 1:3 (exceptions are: oat milk is 1:6; coconut milk is 1:1);
  • no straining needed for pecans, cashews, macadamia, and pine nuts; ( you can follow this recipe to make any of those nut milks » Ever Silky Cashew Milk); all other types of plant-based milk can be strained by using a cotton nut milk bag.
  • store your milk in a fridge for up to 4 days in a bottle or a jar with an airtight lid;
  • It is natural for plant-based milk to separate while stored in a refrigerator; you should shake it well before consuming it. 

I don’t add any emulsifiers to the milk. Emulsifiers (like lecithin, xanthan gum, carrageenan, polyglycerols, and polysorbate-80, etc.) are added to commercially produced plant-based milk, ice-creams, yogurts and the like to improve it’s texture and to keep ingredients from separating. Even though those substances are FDA approved, the latest research (1) shows that emulsifiers increase inflammation and distract the digestive process. It looks like emulsifiers disturb the protective mucous layer of the intestinal tract, that intices translocation of bacteria, causing increased inflammation. So, I’d rather shake my milk than add questionable ingredients to it.

All you need is:

  1. your favorite nuts/seeds;
  2. blender (high-speed preferred);
  3. mesh strainer;
  4. cotton nut milk bag or cotton towel;

Now, you’re good to go! Let’s milk it!

Things I used to make it happen

sattvic energy milk recipes

How about you?

Have you ever tried to make any plant-based milk? Did you try any of these recipes? If yes, let me know how it went in the comments below and share a picture of your milk 🥛 on Instagram with the hashtag #positivepranic so that I can see your beautiful creation 🙂 🙏

Be Alive 🌱,
❤ Love, Julia

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    Very informative videos
    Fantastic easy recipes
    Easy to follow
    I will start to make my own plant base milks

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