This meditation session focuses on both focused attention and open awareness techniques, making it the perfect blend for those seeking to release anxiety and find peace. So take a moment, get comfortable and let’s explore the world of mindfulness together breath by breath.

This meditation does wonders for me. During this practice, we explore different dimensions of our experience: our inner and outer worlds, so to speak. We alternate between focused attention and open awareness during this practice. To me, it is a very satisfying and relaxing experience.

Let’s see what happens from moment to moment as we open our awareness and let it expand to include whatever is arising around us, and then let’s investigate consciously, breath by breath, what focusing attention back to the breathing can unveil…


This mindfulness meditation is designed to help you explore the dimensions of your inner and outer worlds and cultivate a sense of calm and clarity through focused attention and open awareness.

Just like a baby connected through the cord to the mother’s womb, we’re connected to the existence through the breath, which anchors us from deep within so we can always come back to it.

Throughout much of our modern way of living, we tend to forget that we’re breathing. While the breath continues on without our conscious effort or awareness of it, drawing our attention to it can deepen our sense of peace and ease by easing the body’s stress response.

Mindful breath awareness and deep breathing practices can help to reduce cortisol levels, one of the body’s primary stress hormones. So it goes without saying that the breath is a powerful tool worthy of our fullest attention.

Breath awareness has been an essential part of many ancient traditions. Buddhism, for instance, has long understood the importance of the breath, noting such practices in the ancient Anapanasati Sutta.

In other regions of the world, the breath has long been revered as a powerful life force worthy of great consideration and devotion. Though we often take a seemingly simple movement of energy for granted, the breath holds the potential for great inner peace, personal power, and insight.

Be Alive 🌱,
❤ Love, Julia


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