To the year that woke us up

Dear 2020, THANK YOU.
Thank you for pointing our attention towards the breath, showing how precious it is and how fragile our life is;
Thank you for exposing my weaknesses and pointing out my strengths,
Thank you for making me miss the ocean and sun, so I can savor every moment with them even more;
Thank you for forcing me to dare, to achieve, to fall on my face and get up again.
Thank you for giving Mother Earth a break from the human pest.
Thank you for letting peacocks dance on the streets, wild deer enjoy the beaches, and birds unite their voices into a magnificent song. What a unique experience it was to see wildlife celebrating the lockdown!
Thank you for showing the value of friendship and compassion;
Thank you for keeping me safe 🙏🏻
I will never forget you 🙏🏻

Another year is over. And what a year it was. Unbelievable! I want to share with you the last sunset of 2020 and the first sunrise of 2021. Because no matter what happens in life, these two things are certain; or are they? Let’s not take them for granted. See the way 2020 sets the sky on fire, and 2021 rolls in from darkness bright. I will never forget it.

Sunset 2020 - Sunrise 2021

The last sunset of 2020 showed up glowing bright. This is my favorite time. Every evening there are 10 to 15 minutes when the magic happens. The colorful bliss unrolls before your eyes. Everything around you changes every 3 seconds. Literally, if you close your eyes for a 3 second and then open them, you will see the change of colors and skyscapes.

I always like to watch the opposite side of the sunset. Its subtle and gentle beauty takes over me every time.

While on the other side, the sun was setting the sky on fire. Just magnificent! ahhh! What a gift!!!!!!

The best show on Earth!!!! I can’t get enough. So grateful!

The next morning I was there. Waiting. Waiting with anticipation.
And then suddenly the sky became alive and started changing colors. I settled and watched as the moon kept its watchful eye on me.
And then colors start vanishing, and all became gray. But I knew it was coming. The Sun. It always does.

And then there it was. I couldn’t wait for it to show off.

It doesn’t matter how much and what you have. You always have sunrise and sunset. Just open your eyes and see, or better yet, close them; see it with every inch of your being, with every particle of your body, feel it, become it, and be…

Be Alive 🌱
Love, Julia ❤️

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