In the Light of New Beginnings

In the whisper of the morning, where the light begins to play,
there’s a story being written, in the hues of break of day.
Each ray that dances gently, on the leaves and on the dew,
speaks of quiet transformations, old things becoming new.
In the subtle stir of breezes, in the bird’s first cheerful song,
lies a melody of hopefulness, that I’ve craved for oh so long.
It tells of strength found in softness, in the quiet, in the calm,
in the beauty of a morning, in its soothing, healing balm.
As the world awakens slowly, shedding night’s introspective shroud,
there’s a promise in the sunrise, not spoken, yet avowed.
That every dawn brings a newness, a chance to start afresh,
to paint our lives with boldness, in the canvas of today’s sketch.
Beneath the vastness of the sky, in its ever-changing hue,
I find a mirror of my journey, in shades of pink and blue.
Reminding me that change is constant, as constant as the dawn,
that every ending paves a pathway, for new dreams to be drawn.
In the simplicity of morning, in the quiet, in the light,
there’s a profoundness often missed, in the haste of day and night.
But if we pause to listen, to the whispers of the day,
we find in them a wisdom, guiding us along our way.
l embrace the morning, with its subtle, tender call,
to find joy in simple moments, to stand resilient and tall.
To see in each day’s beginning, a gift of time untold,
a story waiting to be written, a new chapter to unfold.
Here’s to the beauty of beginnings, to the hope each morning brings,
to the songs of the earth waking, to the peace the quiet sings.
May we find in each new sunrise, a reason to stand tall,
to face the day with courage, in the grandness of it all.

(2021 © Julia Delaney)

In the Light of New Beginnings

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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