The inclusiveness of another life as a part of yourself is what I celebrate on Mother’s Day.
May every day be a Mother’s Day.
Happy Mother’s day!

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Motherhood is one of the greatest gifts one can receive. I feel very blessed to experience it. How can I put it into words? 

The seed of motherhood is in all of us. The moment you hold this precious little baby, the seed sprouts and becomes a giant tree, and a whole new experience of life begins. 

To me, motherhood is all about inclusion. Inclusion of another being as part of yourself. It starts like that quite literally. And then, after the physical separation happens, you still experience your child as an extension of you. 

Some look at motherhood as an enormous sacrifice. I see how it can be viewed like that. But I remember the second I became a mother – there was nothing I could sacrifice. 

When you’re fully involved with the biggest miracle that’s happened to you, what’s there to sacrifice? When you truly experience another person as part of yourself, is sacrifice even possible?

For sure, to some, it might seem like a sacrifice, but from my perspective, I did do what I knew best in any given situation because there is no other way to be. 

Many of us feel that motherhood is such a blessing. Looking back, oftentimes, I felt like I was cheating. It seemed like I got a pass on doing so many joyful things that I couldn’t do otherwise as an adult. Like run silly, crawl, make funny noises, speak a language that doesn’t exist, make doll dresses, and play dollhouse. Adults don’t do those things, right? (at least not openly)

It wasn’t me denying myself a “social life” by playing with my child; I enjoyed every moment of being. It is a gift, a true gift. And as my daughter grew we had more games to play together… cooking, doing dishes, cleaning our tiny apartment – all became a fun games. 

And of course, there are certain things attached to motherhood that are unpleasant or very painful, and it is, again, only because of total inclusion, the inclusion of another life as part of yourself. 

So it does hurt ten times more when you watch your child going through a painful experience or a disease or any injury. In these circumstances, the first thing that pops up in my mind after I aid my child is, “I wish it was me” (in a sense, “If only I could take the pain away”). I bet I’m not alone in this, and any mother can attest to that. It seems like it would be insignificant if it happened to me compared to watching my child go through it. 

So I consider motherhood as a gift of experiencing total inclusion because it was given to me. But I imagine it can be experienced by anyone willing.  

The inclusiveness of another life as a part of yourself is what I celebrate on Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s day. And may every day be a Mother’s Day.

Be Alive 🌱,
❤ Love, Julia

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