“In every crumble, a story untold,
raw emotion, strength, love to uphold,
the human experience, vulnerability shared,
through breaking bread, our essence laid bare”

Breaking bread. Have you heard this phrase? I bet you have. Have you ever wondered why “breaking bread” and not cutting, not sharing, not giving, not eating together, but breaking? Breaking Bread…

How come this phrase is so simple yet so powerful? Breaking Bread. When I hear “breaking bread,” I hear trust, I hear fellowship, love, strength, devotion, forgiveness, resilience… Do you hear it? Do you see it? Strong hands break the crust, revealing a soft, fragrant soul framed by rough edges…

Breaking bread… I see soldiers in trenches breaking bread, I see a mother sheltering her kids during wartime, breaking a small piece of bread among five children and watching them eat while starving herself.

Breaking bread… I see a group of weary travelers gathered around a campfire, tearing apart a loaf as they share stories from the road, their faces illuminated by the flickering flames. I see a circle of friends, sitting on a sun-drenched hillside, laughing and joking as they break off pieces of warm, crusty bread to dip into bowls of vibrant, homemade dips. I see a father teaching his young child the art of breaking bread. Hands unite to tease the loaf apart, filling the kitchen with warm aromas and the sound of family harmony.

Breaking bread… I see an elderly couple, sitting side by side on a park bench, tearing a baguette into smaller pieces, feeding the eager pigeons that flock around their feet, their wrinkled hands moving with a practiced ease born from a lifetime of love and shared experiences. I see a group of strangers, brought together by chance or circumstance, finding common ground as they break bread together, their differences fading away as they discover the shared humanity that binds them together. I see a community gathering in times of celebration or mourning, hands reaching out to break bread, providing comfort, support, and solace in the simple act of sharing a meal.

In each of these moments, the simple act of breaking bread is a powerful act of connection, unity, and shared experience. It’s in these moments we come to truly experience the profound impact that this seemingly simple act of breaking bread can have on our lives. Somehow it brings us together, transcending barriers and bridging gaps, allowing us to find common ground in the most basic of human needs – the need to be nourished, both physically and emotionally.

Breaking bread…. Breaking bread goes beyond just sharing a meal; it’s an act of opening oneself to others, of creating a space for vulnerability and connection. When we break bread, we’re saying, “I trust you, I care for you, I want to share this moment and this sustenance with you.” This raw, real, authentic moment. It’s a gesture that spans across cultures and history, a universal language that speaks to our most basic human needs for nourishment and companionship.

As we break bread, we are reminded of the strength and resilience of the human spirit. We are reminded of those who came before us, who fought through unimaginable hardships and yet found solace and comfort in the simple act of sharing a meal. We are reminded of the soldiers huddled together in the trenches, their hands shaking from fear and exhaustion, yet finding the courage to carry on as they broke bread together. We are reminded of the mother who would give everything she had, even her own hunger, to ensure her children were fed and safe.

Breaking bread is an act of defiance against the darkness, a beacon of hope that we can come together and find solace in one another’s company, even in the face of adversity. It’s a testament to our ability to rise above our circumstances and find strength in unity.

See the honest hands holding firmly the crusty loaf, feeling its rough texture pressing against their skin. Just like that… skin to skin, touch to touch… And in this touch, there is a direct connection between the person and the sustenance that will nourish them. In this simple act of breaking bread, a bond forms, transcending time and space, as if the hands of the past reach out to join those of the present, weaving an unbroken thread of human experience.

As the fingertips dig into the loaf’s tender flesh, a sensation of unity and warmth spreads through the air. It is the shared heartbeat of generations that have come before, the unspoken stories of love, loss, and triumph that echo in the crumbly embrace of the bread. The hands, driven by a primal urge for sustenance and connection, reveal the very essence of our humanity as they pull the bread apart, unleashing a symphony of sights, sounds, and smells that awaken the soul.

The bread, once whole and unblemished, is now in pieces, its fragrant core exposed to the world. It is a testament to the raw vulnerability that lies at the heart of the human experience.

So, as we gather around our tables, whether they be laden with feasts or bearing only a simple loaf, we can remember the power of breaking bread. Together, we can honor the sacrifices of those who came before us and carry on the legacy of love, strength, and fellowship that they have entrusted to us. Let’s break bread together, and in doing so, find the courage to face whatever challenges life may bring, united by the bonds of trust, compassion, and shared humanity.

When we break bread, we do more than nourish our bodies; we nourish our souls. In this simple act, we weave together the threads of our shared experiences, forming strands of hope, love, and strength that sustain us even in our darkest hours.

Breaking Bread

Bread in hands, 
hands in sync,
trust in grains, 
love’s primal link,
breaking forth, 
soul to soul,
unity’s call, 
a shared life’s role.
Crust and core, 
rough and tender,
Life’s extremes, 
to each we surrender,
bread’s embrace, 
touch’s grace,
humanity’s pulse, 
a common place.
Eyes meet eyes, 
hearts respond,
in a loaf torn an unspoken bond;
Skin to touch, 
touch to feel,
bread’s silent song, 
love’s open seal.
Nourish body, 
nourish being,
in bread’s break, 
truth’s freeing,
time transcends, 
walls collapse,
in bread’s warmth, 
hands’ soft wrap.
Simple act, 
profound trust,
breaking bread, 
in life we thrust.
Shared hunger, 
shared dream,
in bread’s gift, 
a world redeemed.

(2020 © Julia Delaney)

Breaking Bread

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Breaking Bread

Mindful Eating 🥢


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