Bubbling Through!

You know, somebody told me today, ‘You live in a bubble.’ I laughed and said, ‘Of course I do!’ In fact, I thrive on bubbles, and I have quite a few of them. Each one is a unique sphere where my thoughts, feelings, and experiences mingle and morph.

One bubble is where my ideas gently simmer, evolving with each contemplative moment. Another is a sanctuary for emotions, a place where they are acknowledged and embraced. And then, do you know this bubble? The one where you’re driving, eyes on the road, car windows rolled down, the fresh air kissing your face, and the music creating the perfect soundtrack for the movie of your life… Oh, and let’s not forget, my hair blowing all over the place. I love that bubble! Then there’s the bubble dedicated to the quiet, reflective appreciation of life’s complexities and wonders…. You see, these bubbles aren’t escapes from reality but rather lenses through which I can more clearly see and appreciate the intricacy of existence.

Bubbling Through! - Julia Delaney

But, I have to admit, there’s also the ‘avoidance bubble.’ It’s where I sometimes find myself when a conversation isn’t really resonating with me, to say the least. It’s not my favorite place to be, but it’s real. In this bubble, while I might appear engaged, inside I’m quietly looking for an exit. It’s not something I’m proud of, and it’s not too often, but it’s there, part of the complex amalgamation that is me.

Yet, in contrast to this, there’s the bubble where I feel right at home – the heart of my creativity. Here, in my artist’s bubble, I’m in my element; I’m a creator, painting with words and sculpting with thoughts and senses. It’s a place where the mundane becomes magical, where a cup of coffee transforms into a potion of inspiration, and the hum of the city outside morphs into a song of life. It’s necessary, this bubble of mine. It shields me from the torrent of the world’s woes, not to ignore them, but to understand them more profoundly in my own way.

And then, there’s another layer to this creative space. My dedicated bubble for painting, filming, writing… This bubble, oh, it’s essential to my being. Here, the distractions of the outside world fade away, allowing my innermost voice and vision to come forth. This isn’t about avoidance; it’s about focus, about honing the creative energy that drives me. This bubble is not a shield against reality; there, I’m intensely connected with reality in a different way, as it is the essence of my craft, a focused beam of consciousness, honing in on the creative process. It’s a necessary cocoon for transformation and creation, where abstract forms come to life.

So, if you see me there, with a force of immense concentration, pounding on the keyboard of my laptop, lost in my world of creation, you can cover me gently with a blanket, you can bring me tea, but please, do not ask me what’s for dinner, unless you know that I’m orchestrating meal plans. In other words – do not burst my bubble! Because here’s the thing – if this bubble bursts mid-flight, brace yourself! The spillover from my creative boiling pot can be, let’s just say, unpredictably vibrant. What brews in the bubble sometimes ought to stay in the bubble. It’s not about being oblivious to you or the world around me; it’s about immersing in the magic of creation, at least until I hit ‘save.’

What brews in the bubble sometimes ought to stay in the bubble

And then there’s this one bubble I step into when the world feels too loud, too chaotic, sometimes painful. It’s my ‘peace bubble.’ Here, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, I find my quiet. It’s like a pause button, a momentary retreat where I can breathe, reset, and return with a clearer mind and a calmer heart.

So, these are my bubbles – spaces of creativity, emotion, reflection, and, yes, even avoidance. They’re like my personal collection of mental rooms, each serving its purpose, whether it’s for nurturing an idea, savoring a feeling, contemplating life, or just getting through an awkward chat.

So, welcome to my bubble.

Unpopped Realities

But, if you think about it, bubbles are everywhere. Scroll through your social media feed, and you’re diving into a bubble, an echo chamber where algorithms whisper sweet nothings that align with your worldview. It’s a different kind of bubble, sure, but a bubble nonetheless, where the world is filtered through likes, shares, and retweets.

And then there’s the bubble of selective perception. Some folks wrap themselves in a shroud of gloom, seeing only the shadows of the world. Their bubble is tinted with the hues of despair and disillusionment. They say my bubble is devoid of reality, but isn’t theirs just a different shade of blindness? Because if someone chooses to focus solely on the negative aspects of the world — suffering, abuse, injustice — they are, in a way, existing in their own type of bubble. This is a bubble of selective perception that filters out the multifaceted nature of life, where joy, beauty, and genuine positivity also exist. Just as ignoring the world’s pain is a bubble of denial, focusing only on its suffering can be a bubble of pessimism. Both are limited views of the complexity that constitutes our world.

From where I stand right now, we’re all bubble dwellers by choice or by chance. Our bubbles reflect our fears, our hopes, our unspoken desires. They can be sanctuaries or prisons, mirrors or smokescreens. The art, I feel, lies in knowing your bubble, its colors, its walls, its fabric. It’s about stepping in and out, consciously, like a traveler exploring different realms, gathering wisdom, empathy, and insights along the way. After all, we all curate our realities, choosing the colors and shades of our daily existence.

Bubble Visions

Bubble Visions

So, welcome to my bubble. I have a very special one for you. It’s a soft cocoon, a comfortable chat in a cozy nook. Here, ideas and emotions get a chance to stretch their legs. It’s a place for real talk, where your thoughts and feelings aren’t just welcomed; they’re celebrated.

This bubble is about sharing and understanding. It’s about the kind of conversations that leave us both a little wiser, a bit more connected. It’s not about grand revelations, but the simple joy of being heard and hearing in return. Here, the world’s clamor dims, not because we’re ignoring it, but because we’re focusing on what’s right in front of us – each other. It’s less about hiding away and more about tuning in to what really matters.

In this bubble of ours, every story matters, every laugh is shared, and every perspective is a window to a world. It’s our own little corner in the universe where the ordinary becomes something a bit more meaningful.

I’m glad you’re here, and I’m all ears for whatever you want to share.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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