You want to know the secret to inner peace? It’s not about having a perfect life or being a flawless person. Far from it. The most peaceful people I know, the ones with a real depth of wisdom, they’ve learned to make space inside themselves for all of it. All the messy, contradictory parts that make us human.

See, they don’t try to push away the fear, the shame, the jealousy, the pettiness. They don’t pretend those parts don’t exist. Instead, they create a place for them to coexist right alongside their creativity, their dignity, their joy. They let themselves be fully human.

And here’s the thing: the experiences that crack us open, the ones that break us down and rebuild us, they’re usually the most devastating and the most enlightening all at once. It’s in those moments that we learn to expand our internal landscape.

So, you can waste your energy trying to kick out the parts you don’t like. You can’t. You can’t because they’re a part of you. The real work is learning to love and accept all of it, to let it all belong. That’s how you find peace. Not by being perfect, but by being whole.

It’s a process, a messy and beautiful one. And it’s worth every step. Because when you can look at yourself with that kind of compassion, that kind of fierce acceptance, there’s a freedom there that nothing else can touch. That’s the real secret. That’s the path to peace.

The Secret to Inner Peace

You want to know the secret to inner peace?
It’s not about being flawless, a perfect masterpiece.
Nah, the wisest ones, they’ve got it figured out,
they make space inside for all of their doubts.
See, I spent so long fighting with my own mind,
convinced that those “bad” parts had to be left behind.
The jealousy, the pettiness, the fear, and the shame,
I met them with anger, thought I had to take the blame.
But here’s the thing, those parts I tried to dismiss?
They were still me, still a part of all this.
So every time I fought them, every time I disapproved,
I was fighting myself, a battle that never moved.
And where did that lead me? Straight to disease,
a brush with mortality, brought me to my knees.
But in that crack, that moment when life broke open,
the wisdom poured in, a truth I hadn’t spoken.
Acceptance, that’s the key, the path to inner peace,
embracing all the parts, letting judgment cease.
The light and the dark, the whole human experience,
letting it all be there, without interference.
And the most amazing thing? When I started to let go,
the peace I sought emerged, began to grow.
No more fighting, no more internal strife,
just being, just breathing, just living this life.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned, one truth that’s clear,
it’s that peace is accepting all, even the fear.
Creating space within for all that you are,
meeting yourself with compassion, no matter how far.
That’s the secret, the path to being whole,
embracing all the parts, the beauty of your soul.

(2020, © Julia Delaney)

Julia Delaney

Being Real

You know, I stumbled upon peace in a pile of my own mess. 
On those rough days, kind of surprising, I learned the most. 
It’s like even in the dark, there’s this tiny spark 
that keeps you going.
See, the folks who walk with a quiet strength,
they’ve got this trick: they make room inside,
space for fear to sit right next to their dreams,
and shame and pride—they share the same bench.
This inner world, it’s vast and wild,
where all your versions can hang out, chill a while.
Nothing gets the boot, not even jealousy or pain,
because what would we be if we threw parts of us away?
Here I am, standing in my full story,
not just the highlights, but the struggles, the worries.
I learned something powerful about who I am:
it’s all these pieces together that make me stand.
You can’t just ditch the parts of you that are tough to face,
because they come with the package, this human race.
And it’s kind of beautiful, when you see it clear—
how all these bits make a whole, and it’s all dear.
Everything about me, from the darkest corners to the brightest spots, 
it’s all welcome here. 
Because being real? 
It’s about letting every part of you have a home.
That’s the beauty of being truly yourself—you embrace it all.

(2022, © Julia Delaney)

Julia Delaney - Being Real


You see, the truth is—I’ve got space for it all,
tucked in every corner, each crack in my wall.
We might try to hide it, push it deep out of view,
but it’s all still there, every shade, every hue.
Room for my dreams right beside my nightmares,
for my high hopes and the letdowns that sting.
Room for love and the hate that flares,
for kindness and the bite that cruelty can bring.
Room for smarts and the moments I know nothing,
courage and times I’m scared to take a stand.
Strength and weakness there, both are bluffing,
Joy and sorrow are walking hand in hand.
Room for triumphs and the times I’ve fallen,
for yesterday, today, and what’s to come.
Room for my quirks and the norms that call in,
for what makes me odd and what’s common.
Room for wanting and for when I just don’t care,
for beliefs solid and doubts bare.
Room for truth and for the lies I’ve told,
for calm and the storms that unfold.
Room for living, and for thoughts of the end,
for the dirt beneath my feet, and the divine that ascends.
Room for what’s real, and dreams that twist,
for paths I’ve paved, and the mysteries that persist.
Inside me, contradictions clash and blend,
questions echo with answers that never end.
This isn’t fiction—it’s the real, raw me,
every part of my story, every piece you see—and don’t see.

(2024, © Julia Delaney)


Here is an exercise I did a while ago; it helped me embrace every part of myself. The poems above were inspired by this same exploration. Sharing these facets of myself in poetic form was a natural extension of the insights gained from the exercise. So, I thought I’d share it all with you:

I have room for my dreams and my nightmares,
for my hopes and my disappointments,
for my love and my hate,
for my kindness and my cruelty,
for my intelligence and my ignorance,
for my courage and my cowardice,
for my strength and my weakness,
for my joy and sorrow,
for my successes and my failures,
for my past, present, and future,
for my individuality and my conformity,
for my uniqueness and commonalities,
for my desires and my indifference,
for my beliefs and my doubts,
for my convictions and uncertainties,
for my memory and forgetfulness,
for my knowledge and confusion,
for my truths and my lies,
for my honesty and deception,
for my peace and my chaos,
for my serenity and my turmoil,
for my unity and my division,
for the harmony and my discord,
for my life and my death,
for my humanity and my divinity,
for my earthliness and my transcendence,
for my presence and my absence,
for my reality and my illusions,
for my infinite potential and my finite limitations,
for my paradoxes and contradictions,
for my complexities and simplicities,
for my paths and my destinations,
for my search for answers and acceptance of mystery.

embraceing every part

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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