I woke up today! If you’re reading this message, you did too. Many are not so lucky. I’m alive! I gave myself a smile. I hope you did too.

I woke up today! If you’re reading this message, you did too. Many are not so lucky.

I’m alive! I gave myself a smile this morning. I hope you did too. I will live today as consciously as I can and as fully as I know how to.

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The moments of deep sadness, paralyzing pain, and sorrow become even more profound when highlighted by moments of happiness, immense feelings of gratitude and relief, Love and compassion. And all of this is Life—all of it. So in full awareness, I’m acknowledging and embracing all of those feelings. They are mine because I’m a Human—a Human with a beating heart.

I feel that I have to stand strong so I can support those in need, but sometimes, during the last month, I could hardly breathe—unbearable anxiety would tighten up my chest. And I felt ashamed to complain because I knew that my family right now is going through so much worse. 

During this month, the horrific events were unfolding so rapidly and unpredictably. I went through so many highs and lows, all kinds of emotions… anger, frustration, disbelief, horror, helplessness… intervened with moments of intense meditative states and joy, and all-encompassing Love. In a bizarre but profound way, my life experience became so much richer. 

We live in a world of duality. You know, there is always a fight going on. This fight is between light and darkness, life and death. And if you are at any moment denying yourself life, it means that death has begun to prevail. If you give up emotionally or physically at this precise moment, death wins. To use a light analogy, when darkness descends, we need light to see. The darker it is, the brighter the light needs to be.

At the extreme times like now, it is essential to take care of our physical and mental wellbeing. And especially if we’re not in imminent danger, like my relatives in Ukraine. We have to manage. What good we are to the World and them if we are anxiety-ridden and incapable of acting reasonably on their behalf here, under the peaceful sky?

It is essential for me to redirect my attention to beautiful things and take a break from the news. The ability to perform mundane tasks feels like an immense blessing these days. So, I get up. Walk around, often outside. Do dishes, laundry, water my plants, I do breathing yoga…. meditate… You can organize your closet or put together a grocery list… Performing all these little tasks is helping me to stay sane.

I Love you. Please, take care of yourself. Share the Love, hug somebody. I mean, really, really hug somebody. And if there is nobody around, give yourself a hug. A big one. Really, really.

We woke up today! Let’s celebrate that, so we can offer ourselves to the World.

I’m embracing you all and sending you Love.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia


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