This is my exploration of inner turmoil, creativity, and the cathartic process of writing. I’m capturing the essence of diving into the depths of my soul and emerging with truths laid bare on paper.

Within to Without

Sitting here, the pen quivers in my grasp,
ink bleeds, a silent gasp.
Each drop, a fragment of my soul,
onto paper it rolls, it strolls.
Words tumble, a cascade of the raw,
not just seen, but deeply, truly gnawed.
Emotions unfiltered flood the page,
Rage, Love, Hope – out of the confining cage.
The pulse in my veins syncs with the pen’s dance –
a symbiotic trance of sacred romance.
Heartbeats spell out the rhythm of loss,
a line crossed, a coin tossed.
Right now, as breath mingles with thought,
in the web of ink, I’m caught.
Fingers move, driven by a force unseen,
on this white expanse, I lean.
Pain doesn’t trickle; it pours, a relentless stream,
carving canyons deep in a dream.
The scribble, a scream, a whisper, a shout,
what’s within, now without.
In this very moment, creation is a bleed,
a planting of a seed,
from the chaos of my heart, a world unfurls,
in swirls it whirls.
This, right here, is my unmasking, raw and steep,
is a leap into the deep.
Not just words, but life, spilling over,
a river, ever braver, bolder.
And this is it—my now, my how,
my vow to simply allow.
Each word, a step, a breath, a beat,
finds strength in every retreat.

(2022, © Julia Delaney)

Within to Without, poetry by Julia Delaney

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Healing through Loss


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