My father is Ukrainian and my mother is Russian. My mother lived in Ukraine her whole life. She considers herself Ukrainian, she was never oppressed, she speaks Russian and Ukrainian, so do I, so do my friends, my nephew, my uncles, my child. Ukraine is a democratic country, is a friendly and welcoming nation.

My mother is currently in Kyiv along with all my other relatives (Russian and Ukrainian). They choose not to leave because it’s their land, their home. Their whole lives are there. They’re happy there. They never asked for anyone to rescue them, to bomb their hospitals, to kill their children.

I’m not talking politics here. My days end with my parents and relatives checking in at midnight to let me know that they survived the night (nights are terrifying, active ground and air war campaigns are active all around them). My day starts with checking in with all my relatives to see if they are still alive. It is not politics for me.

I’m speaking from my experience and what my family is experiencing right now. It is not an internal war. It is a cold-blooded invasion from a huge nuclear-powered country to a small democratic country. I just want this to be clear, it Is not a civil war, it’s not a war between politicians… it’s a humanitarian disaster!

There is no ‘your truth’ and ‘my truth’ when little kids are killed and targeted by cold-blooded Russian murderers. There is one truth. When you see innocent souls being brutally murdered, you don’t stay silent about it, you act. There is a time to dance, there is a time to act.

I’m not here to talk about politics or convince anybody about anything. Every morning when I talk to my parents, I know it can be the last time. I’m leaving it here because I’m sick of this conversation and debate, for me it is not an entertainment but a living truth.

Ukrainian people are a small freedom-loving nation that have the right to defend their land from brutal invaders; they are left with no choice…

I’m grateful to the world for supporting Ukraine, and those who still do not, plz stop messaging me and telling me what to say or what to do (it is very inappropriate).

Peace to all ✌🏻

Love ❤️, Julia

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My father is Ukrainian and my mother is Russian

My father is Ukrainian and my mother is Russian. My mother lived in Ukraine her [...]


1 thoughts on “My father is Ukrainian and my mother is Russian

  1. artemis says:

    I dream peace for the people of Ukraine, for you and your loved one’s

    my days and nights are pained, disturbed and restless with anguish
    if is as if my soul is there and not here
    I dream this peace every moment, for all and everyone , I pray this peace throughout the universe
    that you see your dear one’s very very soon ,
    god bless

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