There’s a raw truth in winter’s first chill – it cuts to the heart, reminding me of everything I’ve packed away, hidden beneath layers of time and routine. You feel it as well, don’t you? That stir in your soul when the cold air hits your face, unearthing memories and emotions you thought were long buried.

This season isn’t just about festive lights or cheerful songs; it’s also about the quiet moments that catch me off guard. You know, those moments when you find yourself staring out a frosty window, lost in thoughts of ‘what was’ and ‘what might have been.’ Even here in Florida, where snowflakes are a rarity, the winter air carries a whisper of the North, bringing a nostalgic chill that transcends geography.

Have you ever noticed how the world seems to slow down when the snow falls? It’s like a blanket of silence, muffling the noise of everyday life, leaving us alone with our thoughts. And in that silence, we face ourselves – the joys, the regrets, the hopes, and the fears. It’s a universal experience, one that follows even as I’ve traded snow-covered streets for sandy beaches.

But here’s the thing: amidst the cold and quiet, there’s a unique kind of warmth to be found – the warmth of self-reflection, of understanding, of connecting with the parts of ourselves we often neglect. There’s comfort in acknowledging our own vulnerability, in realizing that our emotions, no matter how deep or dark, are what make us human.

So, I embrace this wintertime, not just as a season of celebration but as a time for introspection and emotional honesty. I allow myself to feel, to remember, to hope. Because in doing so, we find a connection – not just with ourselves, but with the world around us, with others who are walking their paths, wrapped in their own winters.

When Winter Whispers My Name, by Julia Delaney

Underneath the Festive Glow

In the quiet of winter’s embrace,
I sit with memories like shadows,
flickering in candlelight.
In this season of silent snows,
my heart, heavy with unspoken words,
finds solace in the shared silence of stars.
Here, in the stillness,
we are together, alone, but never truly apart.

Amidst the laughter and the cheer,
our inner worlds whisper of another year.
Tears frozen on a windowpane,
reflecting joys we can’t reclaim.
In the hush of the night, we reach,
for hands that are just beyond our speech.

Underneath the festive glow,
lie layers of longing we dare not show.
A ghost of a touch, a shadow of a smile,
haunting the heart, mile after mile.
The echo of a song, a faded photograph,
bringing both a tear and a half-hearted laugh.

Yet, in this cloak of pain and loss,
I find threads of hope, delicately embossed.
In our shared silence, a bond is spun,
uniting our stories, one by one.
In the depth of the night, I confess,
in my vulnerability, I find a gentle caress.

As dawn breaks, cold and clear,
I embrace my sorrows, letting them be.
In the solace of stars, I slowly find,
a gentle strength, a tranquil mind.
In this quiet of winter’s embrace,
I see a love that time cannot erase.

(2022 © Julia Delaney)

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Healing through Loss


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