In The Heartland of Love

In the heartland of Love,
I crafted my dreams,
Cityscapes of hope,
stitched with golden seams.

Then life unfolded,
not at all as planned.
An echo rebounded through
the chambers of my heart,
while I watched my dream shatter,
ripping a wound apart.
Our shared laughter,
our shared truth,
slipped away,
as I stood shivering alone,
engulfed by a cold, rainy day…

Every smile, every laugh,
etched in my soul,
suddenly absent,
left a gaping hole.
A space filled with fear and despair
shadowed in sorrow,
nights that stole comfort…
dread of tomorrow…

A piece of me lost,
my identity stripped,
a sense of completeness,
now abruptly ripped.
In the mirror, a stranger’s gaze returns,
watching life that’s been flipped and overturned.

Yet within this grief
a subtle art I found,
a dance with pain,
profound exploration,
internally bound.
I could rush for relief,
claim a new dream,
but instead,
I’ve learned to let sorrow stream…

Grief floods in a relentless tide;
The mind’s futile struggle,
a desperate, lonely ride.
A frantic grab for anything,
for a solid hold,
yet, healing requires patience
and love to uphold.

So I tread lightly
in the fog of despair,
Not fleeing,
nor chasing,
just being aware.
Aching for solace,
longing for release,
in the depth of silence,
I found my peace…

Grief wasn’t my enemy,
nor a curse from above,
but a testament to my endurance,
a testament to my Love,
but a testament,
a Love that won’t die.

The dream may have died,
faded from sight into the deep night,
But I,
the dreamer,
persisted towards the light,
a new way of being,
tender and wide
I found
after my dream had died.

With patience,
I braved through the storm’s fierce tear,
humbled by loss,
by love,
by fear.
Then slowly,
ever so slowly,
the raw edges mended,
and in the quiet,
a sense of peace descended.

I stepped into a new sphere,
where new dreams whispered,
promising to appear.
Yet these dreams are different,
still to be sown,
blooming from loss,
from Love,
from the strength I’ve grown.

In the echo of loss,
my heart’s quiet refrain,
Life’s sweetest music
composed in my pain.
The rhythm of Grief,
a sorrow so pure,
achoes the Love
that will forever endure.

(2021 © Julia Delaney)

In The Heartland of Love

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Healing through Loss


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