In the realm of the unsaid,
where words falter and fall,
tears speak a language born from a soul’s call.
No grandeur in their descent,
no tales of old,
just the purity of being,
raw and exposed.
Drops cascade – a river unbidden,
on cheeks,
                 they travel,
                                  secrets hidden.
Each a reflection of life’s profound depths,
of joys embraced and losses wept.
Each tear – a whisper of the heart’s deepest crevices,
carrying burdens, silent admissions of vulnerabilities.
A simple tear – a world within,
holding sorrows,
                                the thick and thin.
Beyond the conflict of peace and war,
in each droplet the essence of life is found, 
and more…
In their fall – a release,
                                  a letting go,
in each tear, the deepest feelings we show,
each one – a journey, a path anew,
in tears, the most authentic, the most true.

(2014, © Julia Delaney)


Showers for the Soul

In the quiet of a dim-lit room, where shadows dance on walls,
I sit, alone, embracing the calm before the rainfall calls.
Tears, they come, not as foes, but as friends from depths untold,
whispering, “It’s okay,” as they trace paths, letting stories unfold.
These droplets, born from the heart’s hidden chambers,
carry the weight of unspoken words, fears, and angers.
Each one, a silent testament to battles fought in silence,
a cleansing flood, washing away the debris of defiance.
I let them fall,
                  these tears
                                   that come to heal,
through the veil of rain,
                                   I let my true self reveal.
In each drop – there’s a story,
                                             a piece of a larger whole,
a journey of becoming,
                                  the soul’s beautiful toll.

(2022, © Julia Delaney)

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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