I Feel the Warm Soil

I feel the warm soil with my bare feet.
Flooded by tears, my heart struggles to beat.
I fall to my knees and I plea and I pray;

I pray for the mothers who shelter their kids with their arms
from the Russian rockets and bombs;
For the moms that harbor their young within loving hearts ;
I pray they will see their kids grow into blossoming beings
with hearts of compassion and strength
to carry on their Love and Grace.

I pray for children to wake up to the singing of birds
And a clear blue sky;
To the sounds of mom cooks in the kitchen
and the sweet smell of grandma’s pie;
I pray for the brave fathers who stand strong
protecting their children, mothers, wives
and their souls and their soil

I pray for Humanity to prevail;
I pray for Ukraine to stay strong;
I pray for the World to Unite
so that Love can shine bright;

(2022 © Julia Delaney)

I feel the warm soil with my bare feet

Be Alive 🌱,
❤ Love, Julia


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