One More Step

Last night, I had this dream:
Climbing out of a broken scene,
ruins of my past—each step a scar,
old pain creaks, shadows lurking afar.
Every move feels like a fight, 
an inner tug-of-war…
It’s like a part of me wants to stay down there, 
trapped in shadows’ grip once more..
I’ve faced so many battles, you know
But doubts just get louder, they scream and collide,
and this ladder stretches endless, 
each rung a fight.
It’s not easy—this climb…this letting go…
Then, from within, a strength ignites, 
change blooms, casting aside old plights;
and it feels crazy, but a part of me wants to turn back,
like the past tries to pull me in;
Yet something real, something strong, keeps pulling me through.
A force so familiar, a power that’s always been true, 
giving me courage, fueling fire in my chest,
while thoughts scatter, storm at its best.
Suddenly, I feel lighter, no weight of chains, 
the past behind, its dark magic powerless, slain.
I reach the peak, and miles unfold, 
the ruins… so small, so far below, 
like distant echoes of a time I used to know.
Sure, I could go back, but a new road calls, 
I raise my eyes to see it all, 
and I hear that voice, sounding like my own: 
“Hey, one more step, you’ve got the balls!
Breathe, just breathe, step by step, just keep it on!”

(2019, © Julia Delaney)

Julia Delaney

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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