Simply Being

Each move in life’s loom,
weaves threads of joy and tears,
unraveling on the stage where we advance,
a spinning carousel of hopes and fears.
Beneath the moon, we twirl and twist,
wisdom blooming in each lilting whirl,
emotions flow, rise, and resist,
like the ocean’s rhythmic, wordless swirl.
A silent lullaby persists,
in the heart’s secret, open world.
Our hearts, 
they sway, they rise, they dive,
in this dance, bittersweet and wild,
where joy and sorrow come alive,
in the sigh of a moment undefined.
In the quiet moments, soft and low,
I find a solace sweet and deep,
a growing understanding, 
a subtle glow,
in life’s creases, 
where secrets meet.
Acceptance, like a river, gently flows,
brings wisdom and healing in its wake,
Life’s surprises, like a budding rose,
bloom in the hearts that love does make.
The dance of life, its steps untrod
requires courage, grit, and grace,
in its expansive, unfettered spread,
every tear and smile finds its place.
Each echo of laughter, 
each sigh of despair,
cherished deeply, 
celebrated freely.
In life’s dance, nothing does compare,
to the beauty of being, 
simply being, you see.

(2019, © Julia Delaney)

Upon the Spiral of Life

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia


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