“It’s in the question, we find
the strength of the heart,
a glimmer of light in the darkest night.”

When the weight of a broken heart crushes you, leaving you gasping for air… When the world spins on, uncaring… When the pain feels like it’ll swallow you whole… Can you even imagine a way out? Is it possible to find something meaningful in the rubble? There might be a way to find strength you never thought possible…

I cried writing this poem, yet I hope it’ll make you feel better. This spoken word poem is what came out from the exploration of my emotional pain and grief. It answers the question, “How much pain can one heart take?” If you’ve experienced loss and heartbreak, this poem offers a reflection of shared experience and a glimmer of hope.

How Much Pain Can One Heart Take?

How much pain can one heart hold
between the beats, untold?
Does it quantify in sighs that slip,
or in silent tears from the eye’s tip?
Is it a quiet lake, deep and vast,
mirroring ripples of a shadowed past?
A tome filled with grief-stricken moments spent?
Is there a limit or is it infinite?
Does it measure in the whispers of the night
when all that’s left is the moon’s cold light?
Or the ache that lingers in laughter’s wake?
How much, indeed, can one heart take?
The heart, a field of love and pain,
a scene of loss and love again…
Does it swell with the sorrow it has known,
or is it softened by love that’s grown?
A vessel of longing, carrying sighs’ old tides…
Does it live in the moment when a dream dies?
How much can one heart bear and still endure, 
through each sorrow, each painful cure?
Does it shatter, does it break, or merely bend
in its quest for a beginning or an end?
Yet, within this fragile vessel, so worn,
lie seeds of hope that in resilience born.
How much pain can one heart embrace
and still pulse with love and grace?
In each question, a story unfolds,
of a heart that’s brave and bold.
How much pain can one heart take?
As much as the endless waves in a lake.
It’s in the question, we truly find
the strength of the heart,
a glimmer of light in the darkest night.
It’s not in the pain but the courage to shine.
In this brave question, we find the divine…

(2021, © Julia Delaney)

emotional pain

How Much Pain Can One Heart Take?” Asking that question is like staring into a mirror that reflects back my own raw, vulnerable self. It’s real, isn’t it? Life dishes out its share of bumps and bruises. But what’s astounding is not the pain itself, it’s our ability to take it, process it, and then get back up.

Pain. We all know it, don’t we? It’s as human as breathing. The sting of rejection, the hollowness of loss, or the harsh slap of failed dreams—it all sinks down into the heart, finding a home there. Our hearts, they’re where we hold our love and our pain. But more than that, they’re the place where, within each heartbeat, we find the strength to understand that every stumble, every fall, doesn’t spell the end. It’s just a different beginning, a chance to pick ourselves up, dust off, and start anew, fortified by the experiences that brought us to our knees.

We’re not built with a limited capacity for pain. We’re not cups that overflow when we’ve had too much. Our hearts are more like a lake, depth unknown, expanding with every ripple of hardship. Every sigh of disappointment, every tear we try to hide—they don’t crack the heart. They broaden it, enlarge its ability to hold and heal.

You might think all this pain would make you hard, toughen you up. But that’s not what has to happen, is it? We don’t have to turn into stones. Instead, we might soften, we might open up to other human experiences and pain. Our hearts, they learn the language of empathy, of understanding. We might start seeing our reflection in others. That’s resilience; that’s strength. It’s transforming not despite pain but because of it.

And here’s the other side of the coin—with pain comes love. Love and hope, they’re the constant companions to our suffering, weaving through our stories, and adding color to our existence. Even in the midst of throbbing pain, the heart remembers to love, to hope. It knows that without darkness, there is no light.

What makes us strong isn’t that we don’t feel pain. It’s that we feel it, acknowledge it, and when we cry out, “How much can one heart take?”—it’s in that moment, in that question, that we can tap into something no less than divine. It’s the kind of courage that has seen us through centuries, through wars and famines, losses and wins. It’s the strength of humanity, the strength of a boundless heart.

So, life will throw its punches, and we’ll feel the pain. But the thing is, the heart takes it, holds it, learns from it, and transforms it. So, how much pain can one heart take? The answer is not a measure, but a promise—a promise of enduring, of growing, of loving. Because hearts, they’re made to beat and to brave, they’re made to bear and to hold, and above all, they’re made to love.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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