I have no words to soothe your pain. All I can offer is a space in my heart for you.

In the Depths of Sorrow

When grief enfolds me in its mournful shroud,
the warmth of joy escapes my anguished grasp,
and in the depths of sorrow I’m so tightly bound,
lost in a world that seems so far beyond.

Yet, even in the midst of pain and strife,
a tiny spark still flickers deep inside,
awaiting breath to kindle love’s unclasp,
longing to break free from grief’s grasp.

As I brave the night and seek that distant land,
where happiness and sorrow intertwine,
I’m learning how to hold grief’s pain in hand,
and give my heart some time to heal and thrive.

Embracing aches and tears that freely flow,
the laughter born from memories once bright,
and in these moments,
healing seeds I sow,
and grant myself the gift of tender light.

Acceptance of my loss is not an easy go,
as I’m opening my heart to embrace what life may ask.
In life’s great pattern threads intertwine and flow,
the strength of human spirit weaves in kind.

From sorrow’s depths, I’ll rise again,
emerging with a Love that flows with warmth,
and though my heart may ache and bear the strain,
I find the strength to heal, while learning how to grow.

As I hold the pain and sorrow,
I find the strength to venture through,
because only in the midst of darkness,
I see the stars shine bright
and all their might comes true.

(2019, © Julia Delaney)

In the Depths of Sorrow

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Love ❤️, Julia

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