Sometimes, the most profound love is the kind that’s calm and reassuring, the kind that’s always there in the background, steady, unwavering…

This kind of love is like a gentle undercurrent in day-to-day life. It’s in the small, often unnoticed acts of kindness and care. It’s in the understanding glances, the comfortable silences, and the effortless way you can be yourself around someone. It’s less about grand gestures and more about the quiet support and companionship that anchors you.

This quiet love is like a soft blanket on a chilly night or a soothing cup of tea. It’s not loud or flashy, but it warms you from the inside out. It’s the kind of love that might not make headlines, but it’s the one that makes life feel richer, fuller, and more meaningful.

This Quiet Love

In the hush of early morning light,
where whispers dress the air,
lives a love so soft, so slight,
it’s felt more than it’s seen.
It’s in the way you pour the coffee,
warm and rich, just how I like,
in the smile that lingers, soft and toffee,
as day breaks from the night.
It’s not a firework, loud and blazing,
but a candle’s steady glow,
a comfort in its quiet phrasing,
a strength in its gentle show.
This love, it lives in mundane moments,
in the folding of the sheets,
in shared glances, silent omens,
in the rhythm of heartbeats.
In laughter shared over dinner’s ease,
in the stories that eyes can tell,
it’s in the calm of your presence, a breeze,
a magic where simplicity dwells.
It’s the hand that finds mine in the dark,
a harbor in life’s storm,
the light that guides me through the stark,
a blanket soft and warm.
This quiet love, it asks for little,
but gives in ways untold,
a bond unbreakable, not brittle,
a story gently told.
As years turn and moments cascade,
this love remains, a quiet serenade,
a river deep, unseen, unswayed,
in its simplicity, a world is made.
Here’s to love, not loud but clear,
in every day, in every tear,
a quiet strength that holds us near,
in every breath, in every year.

(2021 © Julia Delaney)

This Quiet Love

In a year full of ups and downs, this quiet love is the constant. It’s the gentle touch, the listening ear, the shoulder that’s always there when you need it. As I reflect on the passing year, I realize that this quiet love was one of the most beautiful parts of it all, a serene and comforting presence in the midst of life’s noise.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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