What does it take to turn on the light in a world that sometimes feels too dim? It’s not always about grand gestures or sweeping changes. Often, it’s the little things, those tiny, almost unnoticed moments that add up to a brilliant glow.

Think about the last time a simple act of kindness cut through your gloom. Maybe it was a genuine smile from a stranger or a heartfelt word from a friend. These instances, fleeting as they may seem, hold the power to switch our perspective to brighten the dark corners of our days.

There’s a certain magic in these small sparks. A shared joke that turns a frown upside down, a familiar song that lifts your spirit, or the soothing rhythm of rain against the window. They serve as reminders that light exists, even in the most unexpected places.

It’s in these moments of connection and warmth that we find our own light. The power to illuminate the shadows isn’t found in some far-off place; it’s right there, within us, waiting to be recognized and shared.

So, I step into this light, embracing the joy and brightness it brings. Let’s celebrate the morning winks and the starry blinks, the laughs that flow and the faces that glow. For in this light, we find not just vision, but insight; not just brightness, but delight.

Light and Bright

Light in every morning wink,
Bright in every starry blink.
Light in laughs that freely flow,
Bright in faces all aglow.

Light in steps, light in leaps,
Bright in dreams, bright in peeps.
Light in every hearty cheer,
Bright in every shedded tear.

Light in whispers, light in song,
Bright in right, bright in wrong.
Light in every playful jest,
Bright in quests to be our best.

Light in waves, light in breeze,
Bright in leaves, bright in trees.
Light in moments, quick and bright,
Bright in day, light in night.

Light in every simple chat,
Bright in this, bright in that.
Light in love, light in play,
Bright in night, light in day.

Light in us, light in you,
Bright in skies, bright in blue.
Light in every heart’s delight,
Bright in peace, steeped in light.

(2018 © Julia Delaney)

Light and Bright by Julia Delaney

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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