For those who tread this path of thorns,
know your pain is my pain, and is the ink of this verse,
a testament to love, to loss, to the resilience of broken hearts.

Without You

this ache tears through the facade,
a raw howl etched in the marrow,
where words falter  
and silence speaks the loudest truth.
Each breath – a battle, 
each heartbeat – a rebellion 
against the tide that threatens to swallow me whole.
Nights meld into days—time, a relentless tormentor,
my skin is a mere container for this tumultuous storm,
where fragments of me are scattered in the wake of your absence.
The void you left – a chasm wide, devouring light,
a scream trapped in the void echoing, 
“I just need it to stop,” a scream against the tempest,
a plea for respite in the relentless march of pain.
Solace sought in the bottom of an empty glass,
a fleeting escape, a moment’s peace from the gnawing within…
Yet dawn peels back the night, exposing wounds afresh.
This grief, an unwelcome companion,
claws its way through the veneer of survival.
Each wave – a reminder of what was, what’s lost.
In the solitude of my despair, I’m dancing with shadows,
bargaining with echoes for a chance to breathe without you.

(2021, © Julia Delaney)

Without You

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Healing through Loss


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