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Metabolism-Boosting Fat-Burning Spice Mix

Metabolism-boosting fat-burning spice mix is not just a hard-working super-powered digestion ignitor; This spice blend [...]

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After-Meal Digestive Spice Mix

I love this after-meal digestive spice mix and prefer to have it within reach. I [...]

Heaven on Earth – my favorite spice mix for baking, desserts, and everything sweet

Heaven on Earth is my favorite spice mix for baking, desserts, and everything sweet. I [...]

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Digest Assist Finishing Spice Mix

Spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger will definitely help to keep your digestive fire going. You [...]

CCF – Ayurvedic digestive support spice mix

Ayurvedic digestive spice mix known as CCF (coriander-cumin-fennel). You can spice your ice cream with this [...]

Warm Finishing Spice Mix

This wonderful blend of aromatic spices is perfect for an array of dishes. This finishing [...]

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Universal Sattvic Spice Mix

I love spices! They add zest, character, and soul to any dish. This is a [...]


Basic Savory Sattvic Spice Mix

Basic Savory Sattvic spice mix is one of the three must-have seasonings I have in [...]