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Napa Cabbage Salad

Beautiful, fresh, and crunchy, this salad is a perfect complement to mashed potatoes, turnips, or [...]

Rutabaga Fries with Nappa Cabbage

Rutabaga Fries with Nappa cabbage. This easy and quick sattvic rutabaga recipe is the perfect [...]

One-Pot Sattvic Quinoa

One-pot Sattvic quinoa is so delicious, full of flavor, and makes a perfect side dish. [...]


One Pot Cauliflower Crumble

This Sattvic One-Pot Cauliflower Crumble recipe is frequently requested in my house and is a [...]

Ginger Bok Choy

This quick and easy Ginger Bok Choy recipe makes a lovely addition to the side [...]

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Easy Comfort Chickpeas

Delicious doesn’t have to be complicated. This easy 3-ingredient chickpea recipe (one of which is [...]

Cabbage Salad

Crunchy and healthful, this cabbage salad is quick and easy to make. With its well-rounded [...]

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How To Make a Perfect Tahini and Tahini Salad Dressing

How To Make Tahini at Home Tahini is one of my pantry essentials. I love [...]

How To Roast Peanuts in the oven & on the stove

What’s the best way to roasted peanuts…  Through the oven, or on the stove? Here I [...]

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Spring Roll

Fresh spring rolls are the perfect crunchy starter and a fun way to eat your [...]

Peanut Sauce

This peanut sauce never gets to the fridge because, no matter how much I make [...]

Warm Finishing Spice Mix

This wonderful blend of aromatic spices is perfect for an array of dishes. This finishing [...]

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Universal Sattvic Spice Mix

I love spices! They add zest, character, and soul to any dish. This is a [...]


Basic Savory Sattvic Spice Mix

Basic Savory Sattvic spice mix is one of the three must-have seasonings I have in [...]


Banana Coconut Wraps with Carob Nutella

Made with no sugar added, banana coconut wraps with Carob Nutella are a guilt-free, delicious, [...]

Dessert Paratha Pizza with Carob Nutella

This dessert paratha pizza recipe is so easy that I’m having a hard time calling [...]

Avocado, Apple and Walnut Salad

Avocado, Apple, and Walnut Salad with spicy raw mustard dressing. This beautiful salad is light [...]


Lemon Mustard Dressing

Easy Mustard Lemon dressing is very versatile. This simple salad dressing is quick to make, [...]


Creamy Vegan Butter – vegan butter substitute

I’m so excited about this recipe!!!! This deliciously creamy, smooth, rich, and healthy Vegan butter [...]


How To Make a Mustard – Easy Raw Mustard Recipe

Along with adding flavor and spice to food, mustard is known for its health benefits. [...]