In The Frame of Now

It’s a heavy thing, isn’t it, this cloak of grief? It weighs on the heart, drapes over the mind, and even the most familiar landscapes can seem foreign and indistinct. There’s a muffled quality to the world, like you’re hearing life through layers of cotton. And the big question I kept bumping into is “why?” A small word, but a profound one. “Why” tries to dig into the core of it all, tries to decipher the enigma of life’s changing tides. But “why,” despite its good intentions, often leaves us stuck, doesn’t it?

Instead, perhaps, we can softly, very softly, invite in a different question. Not with any force, not with any expectation of instant enlightenment, but with a quiet curiosity. “What’s this for?” It’s a gentle pivot that doesn’t dismiss the pain or the struggle but nudges us toward a different landscape of understanding.

“What’s this for” doesn’t promise to reveal grand cosmic plans. No, it’s a more intimate, personal query. It whispers, “In this place of pain, of change, of unpredictability, is there something for me? Is there some form of understanding to be discovered, some strength to be gained, some deeper compassion for myself and others to be nurtured?”

It’s like walking through a dense forest, this Life of ours. Sometimes, it’s tranquil, and we can appreciate the beauty around us—the sunlight filtering through the leaves, the gentle rustle of wildlife. But sometimes, a storm rolls in, and we’re lost, soaked, scared. And then, a single question, like a tiny beam of light, cuts through the turmoil, “What’s this for?”

This light doesn’t dispel the darkness. The storm still rages, the thunder still crashes. But the question can become a small but steady ray, guiding us through the murk. Not to a clear destination perhaps, but towards the next step, the next moment. And sometimes, that’s all we can ask for—the strength to move through the now, the courage to face the next now, and the next.

In our living, breathing reality, each ‘Now’ melds seamlessly into the next, like the gentle, unending flow of a river, like the frames of a film creating a continuous, moving picture. The ‘Now’ we’re in is not static—it’s alive, dynamic, ever-changing. Every heartbeat, every breath, every thought we have is a unique brush stroke on the canvas of this continuous ‘Now’.

When we find ourselves amidst the tempest of grief, it’s easy to feel adrift, tossed about by waves of emotion, disoriented by the relentless winds of change. “What’s this for” becomes a hand extended, not towards a far-off shore, but towards a deeper engagement with the present moment. It’s an invitation to explore the depths beneath the surface turbulence, to recognize the richness and complexity within each frame of ‘Now’.

And as we reach out, as we dive into the intimacy of the moment, we uncover new layers of understanding, new realms of empathy and resilience. “What’s this for” encourages us to unearth the wisdom folded within our experiences, to recognize the potential for growth nestled within our pain, our confusion, our loss.

Each frame of ‘Now’ then becomes a space of exploration—a meeting point of what has been, what is, and what could be. It’s a convergence of our past experiences, our present reality, and the potential paths that unfurl into our future. When I ask, “What’s this for,” I’m not seeking to escape my current situation but choosing to fully inhabit it, to lean into its depth and breadth, its textures and hues.

The courage to face, to continuously enter the next frame of ‘Now’ is not about looking past my present or anticipating a future free of pain or struggle. Rather, it’s about carrying the wisdom gleaned from each moment into the ongoing unfolding of my life. It’s about the gentle yet transformative power of being fully present, fully engaged, fully alive within each frame of ‘Now’.

And with each ‘Now’ we navigate, with each question we tenderly pose, we are woven deeper into the intricate fabric of life. We become not just observers but active participants in the grand, breathtaking dance of existence, remaining beautifully human in our shared experience of questioning, learning, growing, and simply being.


This journey, this silent conversation with ourselves, is personal and unique. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, no map that fits all. But in those quiet moments when you ask, “What’s this for,” know that it’s not a solitary quest.

Many of us walk similar paths. Many of us struggle with our own storms, navigate our own forests. And in sharing our experiences, our questions, our tiny beams of light, we find a web of silent understanding. We’re having our unique ways, yet, we’re together in this grand, confusing, beautiful swirl of Life. “What’s this for” isn’t a solution—it’s a companion on the path, a conversation starter with ourselves and each other, a quiet song of resilience humming in the heart of our shared humanity.

“Why?” echoes loud, 
an unanswered plea,
Yet it chains me to the past,
to what used to be.
So, I change my refrain,
soft and slight,
asking, “What’s this for?”,
and inviting the light.


On the edge of life’s constant shifts,
where moments come and go so quick,
and deeper still, each question drifts,
in solitude, my thoughts grow thick.
Yet, slowly, truth begins to click.
On a misty road, I walk, 
foggy, unsure,
with thoughts clouded, 
so heavy, so dense,
each step just led me to wonder more,
every pause made the silence intense.
“Why?” I cried to the silence with no pretense. 
Deep in my sorrow, 
feeling my heart’s heavy beat,
I caught a tune, 
a never-ending song I wish I could repeat.
In the shouts,
in the whispers,
in the silence that screams,
“Let it be,”
it sings gently,
pushing past my intense dreams.
Life’s wild ride paints my story 
in every sudden twist,
in every gaping hole,
I etch my role, 
I find my place.
“There’s no Why,” the truth rings in time’s space,
“Embrace the shift, 
let go of control, 
let life set the pace.”
In the silence,
when the world’s buzz fades away,
a deep truth says its piece,
whispering that pain will someday cease.
Though the tears and heartbreaks 
still seem fresh and frayed,
in shadows and light, Life continues its play.
In the craziness of living,
a whisper becomes loud,
chasing the reasons doesn’t matter in the Now.
‘But what’s this all about?’
my heart wonders, showing me the way,
nudging me on into a tomorrow through today, 
welcoming what may.
In our dance with life, 
so intimate and profound,
there’s a heart-to-heart rhythm in every sound.
Each moment unfolds a beautifully human tale,
shared stories of us through light, storm, and gale.
Amid life’s constant turns and endless spins,
through laughter, tears, losses, and wins,
deep in my heart, 
one truth always shines on:
“Change is Life, 
and Life is never done.”

(2018 © Julia Delaney)

Moments Beneath the Tick of Time

In The Frame of Now

In the frame of Now, 
where life evolves,
a river of moments, 
in which we revolve,
Each heartbeat’s rhythm, 
each breath we draw,
on the canvas of time, 
each instance is real and raw.
My thoughts like the wind 
shaping the shifting sand,
my life but footprints, 
left on time’s strand.
Every emotion, every dream, 
every silent vow,
is a unique shade 
in the frame of Now,
where joy dances, 
and tears 
somehow blend into the art 
in the frame of Now.
Neither past nor future 
can stake their claim,
only Now matters, 
in life’s vivid frame. 
Every laughter, 
every sigh, 
every furrowed brow,
is captured 
and held in the frame of Now.
So breathe, 
dare to thrive, 
and to simply Be  
in the sacred Now,
where every heartbeat, 
every thought, 
every echo of doubt, 
shapes this present, 
leaves its trace, 
in the frame of Now.
Through this moment, 
through this breath, 
we connect as one  
in the wonderful art
in the frame of Now.

(2018 © Julia Delaney)


What’s this for?

Cloaked in grief,
my heart clad heavy,
landscapes blur,
life feels unsteady.
“Why?” I ask,
and glance back in vain,
but answers evade,
remain in yesterday’s rain.
Then whispers a question,
gentle and bright,
“What’s this for?”
it nudges, leaning into the light.
It doesn’t seek grand plans,
or a treasure chest,
it asks, in this moment,
what serves my quest?
Life’s like a forest,
dense and wide,
In storms, I’m lost,
in fear, I hide.
Yet, “What’s this for?” emerges,
a ray in the storm,
guiding me forward,
inviting transformation to form.
This silent dialogue within my core,
Is unique and personal
to explore.
“What’s this for?” isn’t a cure,
but a friend,
a song of resilience,
a guiding force,
a companion till the very end.

(2018 © Julia Delaney)

In a Frame of Now

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Healing through Loss


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