Life Positive

I am positively living,
beyond a pulse,
a dance with being;
An existence that grins,
a life that sings,
a presence without absence, 
a reality that springs.
Prana’s breath, 
more than mere air,
a force, 
a fire, 
a soul’s fair flare;
not merely surviving,
but a playful sway, 
a vibrant thriving.
Life positive? 
A curious phrase,
a warmth, 
a touch, 
a heart’s ablaze;
a longing deep, 
a connection sweet,
a cry, 
a laugh, 
life’s rhythmic beat…
Prana positive, 
a spirit’s game,
energy, vigor, no simple name;
A glance that speaks, 
a thought that peaks,
a dance, 
a twirl, 
the mystery seeks.
Life positive, 
prana’s embrace,
Existence’s principle, 
reality’s grace;
A presence that lingers, 
a connection divine,
a dance with life, 
a love’s pure sign.

(2019 © Julia Delaney)

Life Positive: Prana's Affirmation

Positive life energy force is like a river of gold, flowing through our veins, illuminating every inch of our being. It is the sun that warms our soul, the wind that lifts us up and carries us forward. It is the fire that burns within us, fueling our passion and determination. It is the life force that keeps us alive and thriving

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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