I’m not anti-aging,
I’m not pro-aging,
I’m aging.
(well, my body is aging, to be precise)
It is only a natural way to be.
There is no way out of it.
I’m pro-living.
Living here and now.
Living as consciously as I can and as fully as I know how to.

Every time I hear “anti-aging” or “fight aging,” I cringe. What are we against? What are we fighting?
News Flash – Aging is going to win, and we all will die one day.

Is there a reason we can’t just take care of our bodies lovingly, no matter how old we are?
Can we ever be not against- or pro-something, but seeing and accepting the things the way they are?
Can we be fully alive and enjoy being to the best of our abilities and physical capabilities?

Why can we enjoy the beauty of Autumn, but the same season in our lives frightens and causes panic? Fall is a colorful and exuberant time. When fall comes, we aren’t frantically running for the green paint cans to spray-paint color-changing leaves. 🤣 Instead, we’re enjoying the show.

i'm aging

Majestic fall with everchanging colors, intoxicating fragrance, mature beauty captivates and comforts. So, shall we experience this colorful exuberance of life? We better. Because just like leaves, we all will fall.

Anti-aging is a clever ploy to profit from us by feeding our fears and insecurities.

The global anti-aging market reached a value of US $58.5 Billion in 2020!!!! Is there a larger scam out there?

Really, what are we so afraid of that we are ready to dedicate this precious life fighting for it. Is it that fear of not being loved, fear of becoming invisible, unwanted, alone, not accepted?

What makes somebody beautiful, attractive, irresistible? 

It is that glow from within, the spirit that shines through. It is in all of us. All you have to do is allow it.

This realization came to me one day. I so remember this moment! I’m standing in front of the mirror, looking at my reflection with such love and exploration.

Not everyone is granted this opportunity. I was the lucky one. I had no hair on my body, no eyebrows, no eyelashes. My body was stripped from those identities by chemotherapy, allowing me to see.

Allowing me to acknowledge the beauty and the purpose of it and to see beyond its boundaries, deep within.

It felt like I was in a sci-fi movie, wearing a body-suit. My body is a suit I’m wearing.

I felt translucent, light, and glowing from within.

I was looking into my eyes, and love was looking back at me.

It felt like I saw myself for the first time.

“Hi there, beautiful soul,” I said smiling – “Nice to meet you.”

Julia - Positive Pranic

Here I was in a predicament considered terrifying by most, having the most exuberant experience of my life.
I loved passing by the mirror.
I wanted to.
To have another glance of radiating light beaming back at me.
It was my secret affair, intoxicating romance.

There are a lot of different opinions on aging, but one thing to me is certain – My body is an amazing, complex, and fascinating creation. It has a purpose to carry me safely through this lifetime so that I can experience this beauty of life.

My responsibility is to take care of it lovingly, no matter what age it is. If I neglect my body (sometimes I do), it lets me know. What can I say? I’m getting there 😆. I put some mileage on it. My body needs a little bit more maintenance time nowadays.

My body is aging.
That is an experience of life.
I’m going through it as consciously as I can and find the process quite fascinating.

Julia - Positive Pranic

Please seeyou are enough, you are beautiful, you are Love.

Acceptance and consciousness dissipate insecurities and fear.
Where there is no insecurity and fear, there’s no place for manipulation.
There is no need to fight, be pro- or anti-anything.
Just Be.
Seems good enough to me.

C’est la vie.

Those are my thoughts for today,
Be Alive 🌱,
❤ Love, Julia

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