I’m sharing here something that I’ve experienced, something that goes beyond just an idea or concept. It’s about the innate beauty within all of us. It’s incredible, really, when you start to feel it, rather than just think about it or imagine it.

It’s pretty wild experiencing it, like we’re all walking around with this untapped wellspring of awesomeness right inside us. I mean, sometimes it’s easy to forget it’s there, especially when life throws curveballs our way. But really, it’s always been with us, beautiful, whole, and complete.

The coolest part is when we finally begin to recognize it, not just with our minds, but also with our hearts. It’s like discovering a hidden treasure or unlocking a secret power that’s been there all along. It’s about opening ourselves up to the possibilities and letting that inner light shine, genuinely connecting with it. Anyway, it always sounds a bit crazy when you try to put amazing experiences into words. So that’s why I wrote a poem. It seemed to be so much easier to pour out those feelings and experiences through poetry, isn’t it? So, here it is…


In depths of darkness, light does gleam
A question of beauty, a truth that prevails
What makes one shine, so vibrant, so bright?
An innermost glow transcending the night

A moment of clarity fateful embrace
Before a reflection love seemed misplaced
Yet there in the glass devoid of disguise
A newfound connection, a truth in my eyes

The fortunate me in this moment of grace
Freed from the confines of body, embraced
A vessel of purpose, a suit that I wore,
Revealing a truth, a beauty much more

Through eyes like the cosmos, a mirror of love,
A glimpse of the essence like a gift from afar
“Hi, beautiful soul,” I whispered sincere
A profound recognition, a bond that was clear

In this trying moment, a wondrous affair
A dance with my soul, a love so rare
A secret communion, a glimpse of the light
That glows from within, a resplendent sight

Embracing the mirror’s reflection, each glance like a kiss
An intoxicating romance, a moment of bliss
For we are the stars, our spirits aflame
In the depths of our souls, true beauty always remains

A secret tryst and love that I craved
A glance at the mirror, a soul’s light engraved
A moment of passion, of fire, of grace,
In life’s darkest hour a luminous embrace

Each stolen gaze a touch of the divine
A beauty so true, a love that entwines
In every heart a flame does ignite
The essence of beauty, a soul burning bright

(2017 © Julia Delaney)

beautiful Julia

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia




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