Prana Positive

Unseen energy,
untamed soul of existence,
a breath,
not just breathed but felt,
the subtle hum in every heartbeat;
We are all woven from this force,
every laugh, every tear, and every embrace;
It’s in the way the wind caresses the leaves,
the way a lover’s hand finds yours.
Not a canned smile or manufactured joy,
but a presence, profound and pure,
embracing what’s real, 
standing in life’s full spectrum,
a way of being, 
seeing not just with eyes but with the heart,
Combine these,
Prana and Positive All-Inclusive Presence,
and see a dance, 
hear a symphony 
in Life fully expressed…
Authenticity as a path, 
Love as a guide,
in this dance, 
I find myself, 
I lose myself,
I become the river, the wind, the embrace…
I’m not just alive, 
but truly am…
Positive Pranic…
a way home.

(2018 © Julia Delaney)

Positive Pranic by Julia Delaney

Let prana be the soul’s song, and let the essence of inclusion be the dance that accompanies that melody. It’s a dance of connection, of understanding, of presence. It’s a dance that celebrates life in all its stunning diversity, a dance that honors the soul, a dance that says, “I am here, I am part of this magnificent existence, and I embrace it all”.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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