As we move through life, we encounter an endless array of sights and sounds that shape our perception of the world. But what if the world we see is not just a reflection of the external reality but a mirror of our own inner selves? Here I explore the transformative power of sight and the ways in which our own inner being shapes the reality we perceive.

Through our unique lenses of perception, we see the world in our own individual and profound ways, each reflection colored by the hues of our own souls. In this way, what we see is not merely a representation of the external world but a glimpse into our own innermost being.

The lens through which we view the world is not a static one. Rather, it is shaped and influenced by our own experiences, hopes, fears, and desires. It is our own inner being that determines what we see, and how we see it.

When we look upon the world with open hearts and minds, we can see the beauty in even the most mundane of moments. But if we look upon the world with closed hearts and minds, we may miss the wonder and magic of life altogether.

Through the Looking Glass of the Soul

Through eyes that see the world around
We find reflections to be found
For all we see is but a view
Of our own selves in a subtle hue

It’s not the thing before our sight
That makes our vision pure and bright
But rather, what we carry in
That shapes the world that we begin

So if we see with hearts of hate
We’ll find in others that same trait
And miss the beauty all around
In every sight, in every sound

But if we look with eyes of love
We’ll find our souls expand above
And in each moment we’ll discover
The magic of a life of wonder

For all we see is but a glimpse
Of what within our being imprints
And in this way, we come to see
That we’re the ones who set us free

So I try to choose my lenses well
And with each view, my soul compels
To seek the good, the true, the kind
And leave the shadows far behind

For all we see is but a reflection
Of our soul’s own direction
And in this way we come to find
Our truest selves, our purest mind

(2022 © Julia Delaney)

unique lenses of perception

By cultivating a sense of wonder and openness in our hearts, we can learn to appreciate the beauty in even the most desolate of landscapes. And by confronting the darkness within ourselves, we can begin to heal and transform our own inner worlds.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

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