Nothing profound here, really. Just me scribbling in the garden… Always with Love

The Garden Spoke

Morning’s break, 
the rhythm sways,
in gardens near,
my heart opens in joy, 
I can’t contain,
a peacefully calm, 
yet glorious theme,
colors twirl, 
a waking dream, 
nature’s brush, 
a soft sunbeam gleam.
Petals move in wind’s caress,
a quilt of hues, 
a comfort’s nest,
ferns lock arms, 
a living art,
nature’s whisper, 
a soothing draft.
Beneath the oak, a bench I found,
a quiet nook, 
a sacred ground. 
Ducks in sync, 
a peaceful glide,
butterflies twirl, 
nature’s pride.
Connected, whole, a world awake,
beauty’s salve, 
a soul’s allure,
eyes unveiled, 
a heart set free,
Nature’s melody, 
a symphony.
Bare feet greet the earth, 
its warmth unspoken,
a soft salve for wounds, 
in tender tokens,
grass whispers underfoot, 
a green expanse,
in nature’s pulse, 
an unscripted dance.
Canvas of life, 
displayed with care,
artists’ visions, 
beauty shared,
reflection of earth, 
a tender touch,
I stood in awe, 
it meant so much.
The garden spoke, a healing sigh,
a refuge found, beneath the sky,
beauty cradled, in every view,
in gardens near, 
I found me, too.

(2013 © Julia Delaney)

The Garden Spoke

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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