Where Self and Silence Meet

In places unseen,
where inner fights are fought,
there’s an oak with all its might,
trapped by expectations, 
caged by its own thoughts.
Its power isn’t in rigidity or clenching tight,
but in the letting go and yielding, 
accepting the storm’s chaotic flight.
The giant, 
though in quiet dignity it stands,
must dance 
with gusts that Nature’s hand commands. 
Its roots entrenched, 
yet in the sky it sways, 
true strength is found in rhythmic disarray.
The weight we carry is a self-set stake, 
a heavy burden, 
like an oak in rigid state.
Yet beneath the strain of guilt and haunting fear, 
the heart, 
in humble surrender, finally bends,
and in that yielding, 
the struggle ends.
In cavernous depths of grief, 
self-blame finds no relief. 
It gnaws and eats away, 
a relentless beast, 
feeding on joy’s marrow, 
in unending feast.
Could I have loved more, 
stood stronger in the fray? 
Ghostly questions rattle my peace,
they sting like an old wound, refusing release;
a lament echoing through the chambers of my heart,
like a lonely bird’s cry in the encroaching dark.
I’m embracing this truth,
while my soul in torment tossed:
in yielding, 
not defying, 
no battle’s lost. 
Like the oak that dances, 
graced by tempest’s hail, 
in life’s grand sea, 
we must learn to sail.
I embrace the tempest,
the guilt,
the mournful night,
Woven threads in life’s intricate fabric,
intimate and light, yet holding us tight.
In its grand unfolding,
it’s clear to me:
true strength emerges from fluidity.
And deep within, 
where self in silence flow, 
a sapling rises, 
its tale yet to grow. 
Embracing storm and calm, 
guilt and glee, 
it learns to dance, 
in acceptance, 
now it is free.

(2021 © Julia Delaney)

In realms unseen, where inner wars are waged, there grows an oak

Even the strongest trees sway in the winds, surrendering to the rhythm of nature, and therein lies their true strength.

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Healing through Loss


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