I stood there, frozen. He looked into my eyes, and without saying a word, he took my hand. The flood of tears that followed spoke volumes, more than words ever could. In that single, silent gesture, a thousand unspoken feelings were understood – the kind of deep, raw emotions that words too often fail to capture.

There, in the simplicity of our silent exchange, lay the profound truth about human connection. It’s not always the spoken declarations that hold the most weight; sometimes, it’s the silent understanding, the shared experiences that resonate in our hearts.

In his grasp, there was a story being told – one of empathy, of shared pain, of unspoken strength. His touch was a testament to the bond that transcends language, a comfort that needed no words to soothe the aches we both carried.

In those moments, the world around us seemed to pause, as if acknowledging the gravity of the moment. The air itself held its breath, bearing witness to the intangible yet palpable language of our souls. It was as if, in the absence of words, we had found a purer form of expression, where feelings and truths flowed unimpeded by the constraints of language.

This silent communion, a language of glances and touches, of shared silence and unshed tears, carries with it an authenticity that spoken words often struggle to achieve. In the unvoiced depths of our interaction, there existed a space where words were unnecessary, where the silence itself spoke louder than any verbal expression could.

So we stood there, hand in hand. Some of the most profound conversations are those that are felt, not heard; understood, not spoken. In the vast landscape of human emotion, words are but signposts; it is in the silence that we find the path to understanding and connection.

Between Words

In the silence that cradles words unsaid,
lies a story deeper than the ones we’ve read.
It’s in these pauses, these breaths between,
we find the tales too often unseen.
Between words, there’s a whisper, a sigh,
an unspoken truth, a concealed cry.
The heart speaks in beats, not in verse,
in the quiet, our emotions converse.
Gaze into eyes, where silent tales unfold,
in their depths, life’s mysteries are told.
A glance, a tear, a faint smile’s light,
unveil the depths where our souls unite.
In the hush of a moment, in a fleeting gaze,
lies a depth of feeling, a heartfelt phrase.
It’s not in the clamor where meanings are found,
but in the silence, where hearts resound.
Between words, there’s a rhythm, a flow,
a language of love, only the heart can know.
In each pause, a confession, a plea,
a longing for connection, to be free.
In the stillness, listen to the unsaid,
to the stories in sighs, in the unshed.
Because it’s here, in the quiet, in the space between,
we discover the most beautiful things unseen.
I cherish the whispers, the silence that speaks,
the unspoken bonds, the peak of the peaks.
It’s between words, in the space I give,
I truly listen, I feel, I live.

(2015, © Julia Delaney)

Held Between Words

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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