I realized, you can’t outrun grief. It’s this shadow that kind of walks with you, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind. But it’s always there… It needs to be there, for a bit anyway, because that’s how you start to see through it, little by little. You learn its shape, its weight, and somehow, you start carrying it without falling over every step.

In Step with a Shadow

In the dim light of dawn, 
I walk, 
with a shadow trailing, 
silent talk.
It’s grief, 
a companion, unseen,
a presence felt where light has been.
You can’t outrun, nor hide, nor flee,
this shadow stretches, 
bound to me.
Ahead it looms, behind it falls,
within its grasp, the heart recalls.
It’s there, they say, for reasons deep,
to cradle souls in sorrow’s keep.
In its darkness, I find a way,
to see through the night, to greet the day.
I learned to dance with my silent friend,
knowing it’ll be there, till the very end.
A shadow not just of loss, but of love,
a guide from below, a whisper from above.

(2021, © Julia Delaney)

In Step with a Shadow


In the quiet of breaking dawn, I walk alone,
Grief, my shadow, cast from the unseen stone.
This shadow, with weight unseen, yet deeply felt,
a presence in absence, where my heart has dwelt.
I come to know its edges, its silent tread,
in the spaces between, where words are unsaid.
With time, it’s not lighter, but I grow somehow,
to carry its essence, in the here and the now.
Bearing light and darkness in stride, I move ahead,
a walk with my shadow through this twisting world’s thread.

(2022, © Julia Delaney)

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Healing through Loss


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