Beneath the Surface of the Day

Sometimes, I think we’re all just walking contradictions, trapped in a world too busy to notice. It’s ironic, isn’t it? How we crave authenticity yet spend our days draped in carefully curated facades, each one a silent nod to the relentless demands of societal expectations.

Every day, we’re out there, playing roles that have been scripted for us by an unseen director. We say the right things, do the right things, all while our real thoughts and feelings simmer beneath the surface, unacknowledged, unexpressed. It’s like we’re all part of this grand performance, but who really knows their true self?

This facade, this eternal act, isn’t it just a thinly veiled attempt to fit into a mold that was never meant for us? We chase after ideals set by others, ideals that often clash with the very core of our being. And for what? A fleeting sense of belonging? A momentary nod of approval?

In the quiet hours of the night, when the world slows down and the mask slips a little, those unspoken thoughts and feelings begin to stir. It’s in these moments of vulnerability that our true selves whisper to us, revealing the depth and complexity of our inner world – a world rich with dreams unchased and words unsaid.

This relentless push and pull between the person we are and the person we pretend to be is a silent battle we all face. It’s a journey of navigating the murky waters of societal norms, trying to find our own way while staying afloat.

Behind Her Words

Behind her words, a silent sea,
a world of chaos, a plea to be free.
In every phrase, a hidden tear,
a story untold, cloaked in fear.
In her laughter, a shadowed sorrow,
a hope for today, a fear of tomorrow.
Her smile is a mask, artfully worn,
veiling a soul, tattered and torn.
Behind her words, a storm rages wild,
the unspoken dreams of an inner child.
In the cadence of her speech, a hidden dance,
a cry for love, a longing glance.
In her certainty, a quiver of doubt,
in every closure, a world left out.
Her confidence, a fragile guise,
concealing the truth her spirit belies.
Behind her words, a silent scream,
a fortress of solitude, a distant dream.
In her eloquence, an unuttered plea,
a longing for what could never be.
In her calm, a tempest unfurled,
in her simplicity, a complex world.
Her silence speaks louder than her song,
a quiet confession of all that’s wrong.
Behind her words, an untraveled road,
a burden of secrets, an untold code.
In each spoken line, a hidden truth,
a mosaic of pain, a stolen youth.

(2017, © Julia Delaney)

Behind Her

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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