…But for all the freedom and connection I found in my writing, there was a world outside my paper sanctuary, a place moving to a different beat, filled with calculations, equations, and strict logic. There, people danced to a rhythm of numbers and precision that I observed with a mix of fascination and disconnection. Yet, there was no escaping it; it was the reality I lived in, a demanding rhythm that clashed with the beat of my heart…

A Dance of Two Worlds

In heart and logic, two worlds collide,
a dance has begun with a tentative stride.
One world of numbers, precise and cold,
the other of words, where dreams unfold.
A clash, 
              a stumble, 
the dance goes awry,
the heart’s rhythm falters, 
but still, we try,
                       we play.
In time – a balance, a step aligned,
a harmony found in heart and mind.
With every word – a leap, a glide,
With every number – a shift, a slide.
A dance of struggle,
grace and might,
two worlds conversing in the moonlit night.
A twirl,
           a dip,
I witness a balance achieved,
in two worlds’ dance, I cut a reprieve.
In pen and paper, dreams and schemes,
I weave a dance of two clashing themes,
In heart and logic, a dance refined,
a delicate balance of soul and mind.

(2006 © Julia Delaney)


Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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