Let Me Sway

Take me, spin me, let me sway 
in grooves and valleys,
I’ll find my way,
as turntable spins,
a world rotating,
grooves alive,
whispers emanating;
crackles breathe life,
hisses ignite,
narratives unfold,
in the dance of light.

The bass is a heartbeat,
felt through the floor,
vibrations within,
a core to explore,
treble notes glisten,
like dew on a leaf,
each shimmering sound,
a soul’s belief.

Day after day,
absorbing the sounds,
melodies seeping in rhythms unbound,
each track a dialogue,
each beat a caress,
distant echoes dance
in sensation’s trace…

Dusty vinyl…
texture and grace,
echoes from afar,
time’s gentle embrace,
captivating voices,
sensations expand,
life’s etchings spun by a gentle hand.

Whirl me, turn me, in this dance so sublime,
in the arms of old tales,
where stars always align…
where wisdom whispers,
where harmonies engage,
in grooves and valleys,
connections on a timeless stage…

(2009 © Julia Delaney)

Dusty vinyl

A world where vinyl records spun on the turntable, their grooves humming stories from across the globe, the crackle and hiss of each track weaving a captivating narrative. The bass resonated deep within me, while the treble notes sparkled like distant stars. I soaked them in, day after day, their melodies becoming a part of my soul’s dance. Each story was a lesson, each note a whisper of wisdom, as I memorized their tales word for word…

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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