There’s a moment, a precious, rare moment, when you realize your words have touched another heart. It’s a glance across a crowded room, a knowing smile, a silent acknowledgment that says, “I understand.” It’s a bridge that writing built for me, a bridge that stretched from my pen to the pulse of others’ lives. My pain, my laughter, my hopes became a shared experience, a reassuring whisper that breathed, “You’re not alone.”

A Meeting Point

A line set free,
a thought expressed,
in solitude, it left my chest,
yet somewhere on a distant shore,
it found a heart, a kindred soul,
a stranger…
yet a hidden whole,
in words and whispers, 
I could trace, 
a shared embrace 
in timeless space.
No words returned, 
no voice to hear, 
yet deep within, 
the truth was clear, 
a quiet hum, 
a gentle touch, 
my words had meant…
had meant so much.
A glance, 
a smile across the page, 
a meeting point is a silent stage…
The words, once mine, 
now freely soared, 
a connection made, 
in Life’s loving core.

(2022 © Julia Delaney)

Julia Delaney

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia



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