Then the bargaining came… It was a bit like trying to haggle at a market stall where the seller is utterly unmoved. I found myself trying to trade in the peaceful present for a few moments of the past. The irony is that life is the strictest of shopkeepers. It wouldn’t let me swap out today’s calm for yesterday’s storm.


In the stillness of the moment 
my heart begins to wander,  
to the loud, bustling market of the past, 
it starts to ponder. 
Trading today’s tranquility 
for the storm of Before, 
in this soundless dance, 
I find myself once more.
Through the labyrinth of time, 
I drift, 
reaching out, 
holding onto fragments of past, 
dispelling doubt. 
I offer my peace at the counter, 
hoping for an exchange, 
for a few stolen moments 
within memory’s range.
Each fragment of the past in my hands I hold, 
seeking solace in its story, a tale to be told. 
A distant laughter, 
a quiet song, 
a touch that’s now gone, 
in this marketplace of fleeting moments, 
my longing is drawn.
Old voices surface, 
familiar silhouettes take stage, 
a collage of smiles and faces begins to engage…  
The past feels safe—a break from today.
But no matter how hard I try,
the Now won’t go away.
Life is tough, doesn’t give an inch,
I ask for a break 
and don’t get a hint.
The Present, it insists, is the only thing I own, 
amidst the remnants of the past, 
it stands, but not alone.
In my longing for what was, 
the Now felt underrated, 
yet, in its soft consistency, 
it holds what’s truly weighted.
a futile negotiation in the marketplace of time, 
a fruitless barter 
for the timeworn song of a weathered chime. 
It takes the marketplace of fading imprints
to truly conceive, 
that the present, not the past, 
is the actual reprieve. 
So, in this market where the past is sold,
where memories get traded, bought, and told,
I step outside, 
breathe deep, 
and then I see—
the Here and Now 
is where I’m meant to be.

(2021 © Julia Delaney)

Through the labyrinth of time

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Healing through Loss


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