And boy, the despair… Despair felt like standing at the edge of a cliff with a blindfold on. I couldn’t see the bottom, but I knew it was there. My heart felt hollow, every beat echoing into its emptiness. It’s like standing in a fierce wind, exposed, all alone, with nothing but your loss swirling around you like fallen leaves. That’s how I felt…

Despair: The Unseen Chasm

My heart echoes in this vast emptiness, 
each beat a hollow drum, 
a spectral rhythm sounding the depths, 
an anthem of the numb. 
I stand on the brink, 
blindfolded in despair, 
unsure of the depth below, 
unseen it remains, 
yet its presence casts a shadow.
The wind that once whispered, 
now strips away my guise, 
my loss takes form, 
swirling around 
like frigid winters’ fallen skies. 
All that was familiar, 
all that I thought was mine, 
now dances in the storm, 
as I stand alone, 
in this whirlwind life has spun, 
worn and torn…
A horizon of emptiness stretches before me, 
a solitude that devours, 
a desolate landscape echoing silence, 
beneath a sky that cowers. 
Submerged in a sea of sorrow, 
I drift, 
an island with no shore, 
in the vast depths of despair, 
with no glimpse of before.
My heart, 
it echoes, 
each beat a hollow tale, 
a rhythmic dirge of despair, 
against life’s gale. 
I reach out, 
seeking something, 
to anchor my flight, 
but all I find is the icy touch of the endless night.
The quiet is overpowering, 
each echo a shout, 
a concert of loneliness, 
a chorus of doubt. 
The world spins on, 
while I remain, 
lost in the wilderness of despair, 
caught in time’s chill.
is more than a feeling, 
it’s a lingering twilight, 
a realm where the sparks of hope are masked, 
hidden from sight. 
But even in this darkness, 
there’s a sliver of light, 
a murmur of endurance, 
preparing to ignite.
When despair floods in, 
like the night consuming the day, 
I realize, 
in this stillness, 
Life continues its play. 
The echo of my heart, though faint, 
still keeps the beat, 
a testament of resilience, 
in the face of defeat.

(2019 © Julia Delaney)

Despair: The Unseen Chasm

Be Alive 🌱
Love ❤️, Julia

Healing through Loss


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